Point of the superiority.

by Amelkovich Igor

point of the superiority nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Thursday 2nd of September 2004 10:44:02 AM


David McCracken
Go on..... .... tell us where!

Lissa Hatcher
Just a bit top Heavy BUT I LOVE IT anyway So bold and clean . OUTSTANDING

Igor Amelkovich
Karabash city.

marco prenninger
did u use a filter on that one?

marco prenninger
hi igor, please help me!!! how do u get those beuatiful, high quality black and white photos, i mean the different gray tones....everything is like shining and the contrast is so good, what developer are u using and what paper? do u make a print in your own darkroom, and then scan the print, or are u shooting digital???

David McCracken
Thanks Igor! Is she still there?

Loic Amboise
6.6 Nice composition, & imagination.

Jim Swenson
Very nice setting.

Janez Kukec Mezek
Just excellent!

Igor Amelkovich
I make scan from negative.

Joao Sa
Frame I love the photo! Are these cracks in the frame intentionally?

Jim Hutchison
Well done.

renz sevilla
simply beautiful! 7/7!

Brad Kim
Beautiful setting, Igor.... Wonderfully executed...!!!!

Sally Delacruz
Too much sky.

Chris Blaszczyk

Simon Bernutt
i really like your imagery although the model is beautiful this image just doesnt have anything to offer..the model looks like she should be the bow of a boat.....

Gerry H
wonderful imagery - well done - 7/7

Naveen N
Excellent!! just love the composition....

Abdulla Alshehab
Excellent 7/7

Igor Amelkovich
Yes, I know Ansel Adams.

Sally Delacruz
Hi Igor, that's why you got that kind of "Ansel Adams" B&W photo because you got Hasselblad.It's superior in deed plus your talent. Are you a pro? And do you know Ansel Adams? Thanks for sharing...

Igor Amelkovich
Point of the superiority. Somewhere in mountains.

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