Late angel - hope V.2

by Shaman Evgeniy

late angel hope v seeking critique shaman evgeniy

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Published: Thursday 2nd of September 2004 08:27:19 AM


Yuri Bonder
77 excellent

David Cochran
Evgeniy, I don't have words to describe the emotion I feel when I look at your art. I pick this one in the hopes that you will notice my comment. I am glad I have come to your portfolio and I am glad that there are people like you doing this. peace

Seth Siro Anton
7/7 iTs really dIfficult to combine Red and GreEn did it really good. The white sHoulder strap Of the wing gives a breath to thE darkest areas of the composition.

Pavel Potocek
Nice theme. Did you think about another framing?

Evgeniy Shaman
Late angel (series) - hope V.2 want comments, thanks!

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