"Yellow & Blue"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Wednesday 1st of September 2004 11:24:10 PM


Geo Sun
very pretty congrats.

Mark Weber
Wilson I have the camera, I lack the "art of seeing" that you have. Beautiful!

Marina Cano

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks again everyone for your feedback. BTW, Yuriy Tsoi, I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Will you please elaborate?

Ray Wei
Brilliant composition, good exposure, clarity, and vivid colors -- every element that I love to see in a good photo. 7/7.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson The detail is awesome. This almost looks man made, because it's so perfect, isn't nature wonderful. The colors are perfect. It's like a beautiful abstract painting. Nature's candle in the darkness with it's light flowing outward. The dew/rain adds texture and a perspective on size. Terrific shot!

Roberto P
Bellissima!!! Beautiful and original work Wilson! Who's saying that flowers' photography is cliche should take a look at this! Congrats!

Wilson, maybe I can help you (for it is my favourite bloom accidentally...). In German we call it "Wicke", and if my dictionary was well-behaved you call it "Vetch" or "Sweet pea". RE

Cristina Fumi
so beautiful!

Igor Laptev
Beautiful macro.

David Orea
Nice image

Palmer Halvorson
Wow, a stunning macro! I love the colors and clarity.

Tony Georgiadis
Well done.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone.... ...for your kind feedback. Reiner, I know this is your most fovorite flower, but I don't know if it's Wicke (auf Deutsch) nor is it a Sweet Pea. Knicki, I did some searching and I guess it's "Morning Glory" (Ipomoea purpurea.) Thanks again. ^_^

Andy Glogower
I love the depth of this shot!

Angela Su
I like the transparency of the petal,the colours works very well here, Regards.

Blue! Mesmerizing Blue!

JF Ochoa
Incredible image... beautiful and very well done! Congrats.

atalay karacaorenli
atalay Karacaorenli nice work. I realy like this colors.

Yuri Bonder
77 Brilliant colour

Gaetan Chevalier
7/7 Excellent macro work. Nice composition, superb colours and very nice capture of beatiful light. Bravo.

David McCracken
A request! Wilson, Can you post one or two bad pictures just to let us all know you are human! I do like this, but then I am sure you would know that!

Regina Chayer
SwEEEEET image!

Gilbert Fortier
Mistake... Here's the attachment!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
7/7 Spectacular, Wilson!! Welcome back ... what a way to start up again!! :-)

Yuriy Tsoi
Hmmmm... I have nothing to say something else...:o)

Kim Slonaker
Love it! Incredible detail and those colors are wonderful! Nice DOF and the water droplets add interest.

Howard Dion
Wilson, you are the man! This is a spectacular image. It feels unearthly! Well done.

Gabriella Lucia
Simply awesome!

Ken Beilman
Wilson This is absolutely fantastic. You just keep getting better, despite all your past great work. Thanks for expressing an interest in my work. I'm honored. This is done with the A80 Powershot? Unbelievable.

Angel Hernandez
Great shot, Wilson. I really like it.

Umit Altun
7:7 Very impressive and unique capture!!! Congrats, best regards...

Andrea Endisch
wow, this turned out really beautiful, the softly-glowing yellow is very fine !

Gilbert Fortier
Something I've been trying to do without getting exceptional results... You did! This is very nice: contrasting complementary colors, nice composition and all...very good... I attached a file of the best I could get...Thanks for sharing!

Kurt Yang
Wilson, I am amazed by the beauty of this.

Alex Forsythe
I'm not usually a fan of all the flower pictures, but this one stands out 7/7

Allon Kira
7/7 Unique comp., light, textures and colors - this is a beautiful and very original shot of a simple image - you did very well, Wilson! Congrts, allon.

Steve Marcus
Wonderful lighting on this flower macro, Wilson. Nice!!!

Pnina Evental
Very nice composition Wilsone.Well done Pnina

Francesco Martini
fantastic image. A nature-abstract!!!!!!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... ...for your kind feedback. Yes Ken, taken with the Canon A80 (no adaptor nor attachment.) BTW, would anybody happen to know what flower is this? I'm very poor with my flower vocab. This thing is shaped like a bell or a trumpet, approximately a size of a small pear. Thanks in advance! ^_^

Steven Russell
Outstanding macro...love it.

Linda Keagle
Wilson I just found this, and at this late date, you don't need ME to tell you how amazing this is. I love your composition, color...and the water droplets are the finishing touch. Congratulations on producing this exceptional image....

Wilson Tsoi
Geo and Linda, ...thank you for your kind feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

D. Munteanu
Hah, you should get Canon to pay you for your wonderful work praising the a 80. I own a a 85 myself, and if you take a look at my stuff, you could guess if I'm happy or not :)

Carolyn Dalessandro
I like the macro..colors and sharpness..and the drops just make a bit more special..absolute beauty.

Andreas E Lundberg
A very sensual photo, something nature very often is. We all recognize flowers but I also see a reproduction organ in it's most natural state. Exciting composition that makes my eye wander and discover more about the photo. It speaks to me, something very good. I like the swedish colors.

Tatjana Adizes
Oh! You must be in love...:)

Allenda Simpson
Yellow and Blue Wilson, very, very lovely image! Congrats! -Allenda

leslie hunter
morning glory This looks like a "Heavenly Blue" variety of 'Morning Glory'. I've been working on a similar shot for ages, but I'm having trouble printing it because the star shape comes out with horrible magenta stripes.

Mark Kesper
Wow. Frankly, very fresh picture. The way the water drops are placed doesn't seem very artificial either. I would say it's a good macro shot, but it seems somewhat lacking sharpness on the center of the flower.

M. Saber Karimi
Hello Dear Wilson, I just can say Excellent, nothing else. everything is very good. I love this shot. 7/7 Best regards. MsK

Malija Bell
Such a beautiful life....

Cally Golding
A Sucker for Blue This, for me, is perfection. Not only is the capture wonderfully done, but I am a sucker for all things blue. Congratulations.

john robinson
Absolutley gorgeous! Complimentary colours, crisp yet soft transition from yellow to blue. 7/7

Leo Burkey
Wilson A stunning and very creative image!

giuseppe guadagno
All written about this real beauty. What I love most is the natural yellow glow of a backlit morning-glory joined with the dark blue of the petal. Great!

Amanda Willard
Hello, Just breath taking....

Tarek Jajeh
just Excellent.. Excellent composition & colors

Wilson Tsoi
"Yellow & Blue," a macro with an A80 (make do with what one got!) Trying macro with an A80. Would appreciate your feedback (probably best to view larger.) Thanks. ^_^

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