Nuance #39

by Sousa Dias Nana

nuance ilford delta pro cokin orange pentax smc p sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 1st of September 2004 07:54:03 AM


Tina Ness
There is rarley a nude I like but, this is very stunning and sexy w/o the sleez Great Job!

fractal world
U R simply amazing

Tony Georgiadis
Great work and finely composed,Congratulations.

Cristina Fumi
pure excellence!

Jan Olof Härnström
Pure simple beauty. 7/7

Marina Cano

Jean-Philippe POLI
More than perfect ever !

Gérard Laurenceau
Magnifique !!!!

Miguel Garcia-Guzman
Pure art! Congratulations. Miguel

Kim Slonaker
Had to take this into another viewer to zoom in on the back area - looked like a nasty scar, but I see it's a tattoo. I like the sense of depth in this shot. How did you set this up?

Lissa Hatcher
ART? YES!!!!

Igor Amelkovich

Francesco Martini

Peter van Nugteren
Perfect in BW. Just great!

Stephen Galea
Well a suberb also compliments very much haing diagonal lines reaching to the model.. Well AWESOME IMAGE.. Would love some critiques from your side because you are one of the greatest out there! THx G.STeve

Michele Perone
Excellent shot.

Damian Ruiz
it's just awesome, excellent pic

Chee C
7/7 I saw this thumbnail in gallery a few days ago and thought "what's the big deal? It's just a rock against the sky" Well, today I click on the thumbnail to have a closer look. In a word, Superb.

Kevin Pohl
kEvIn F@#K Yeah!

andre napier

Gabriel M. A.
Beautiful, simply beautiful. Excellent composition choice.

Rui Dias Monteiro

Dario D
7/7 Perfect composition: the sky and the clouds enhance the female body!

Chris Blaszczyk
I hate you! ;)

Guilherme Maciel de Bem
7/7 7/7. I need comment?

ahmet ozkan

Pietro Ferrante
Original, for sure. 7/7 It's not easy, especially if thousand people are shooting nudes here

Maciej Gawrysiak
mhm, this is it..

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