Vigorous charge.

by Amelkovich Igor

vigorous charge nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 31st of August 2004 01:15:41 PM


David McCracken
Another Amelkovich classic! I am not sure what is in the syringe but I really want some! Another Amelkovich classic!

David Bradley
You have a way with images of women...the midas touch comes to mind...

Stephen Galea
I really am impressed by your shots which are very appealing and original... well done

Timo Hartikainen

Mike Matini
Great lighting as always and what a subject. Well done.

Micah Bailey
Very powerful response. Excellent vision.

Dorian Oddi

Peter Petersen
I love the lighting and the pose. Beautiful texture and detail. All and all a very humorous photo.

Simon Bernutt
edgy, sexy, and wonderfully taken congrats

Gerry H
aha - the unmistakeable work of Igor - your work is so unique that it has its own quality and excellence stamp on it - another great piece in an already fantastic portfolio - 7/7

Mitch Eaton
Rule of 3's? Excellent photo

Abdulla Alshehab
Excellent 7/7

Jack Fitzgerald
Wonderful! 7/7

Ron Chappel
What on earth is this?!
Totally utterly pointless.Ugly too

Kombizz Kashani
hopefully it is not painful !!

Igor Amelkovich
Vigorous charge. Some fetish.

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