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by Shaman Evgeniy

retrotown teleportation to past moscow seeking critiq shaman evgeniy

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Published: Monday 30th of August 2004 11:00:22 AM


Pnina Evental
Very strong atmospher.interesting composition and colors. Pnina

Evgeniy Shaman
thanks to all!

Richard Emslie
Wow, what a mood. Your photos are very strong. Loved every one.

David Orea
Excellent photograph. The tone and the darkness give an interesting atmosphere. I like it!

Micah Bailey
Very nice. Definitely has aged look. I like the two girls with same pose. The "666" on car. The huge spikes on girl's collar. It looks like a girl gang. Nice job.

Valdir Essa
Once again nice old look to it.Very good Jod.

Mark Throsby
I really like this photo, a great composition. I liked all your work, thanks.

Morris Eaddy
For some reason i thought of William Gibson's last book "Pattern Recognition" when i saw this image. The girls responsible for the -footage- were from Moscow. When i saw the picture was from Moscow... cool! : ) Great job.

Chris Blaszczyk
Love the mood and composition. Great shot.

Foxxxy Koroboichi
!!!!!!!! my lovely

Ektor Coughanour
7/7 Absolutly GREAT!!!

Kjartan Haavik
Browsing your (impressive) portfolio, this shot stood out for me. I like it alot. If I was to make one tiny suggestion, I'd move the front girl a bit to the right and not have her as centred as she is. Other than that I love it.

Frederic DAVID
Ghosts Wow! What a terrific mood here! The frame you chose is very interesting. The scenery is gloomy and the old sepia tones are very convincing. Could be a haunted picture...i also like the "funny" detail of the 666 number painted on the old car! Fantastic work! fred

media manipulation
you seem to read your models mind and then your post work is all icing on the cake , very intense atmospheric work. love it.

greg silva
i believe the term is, freakin sweet! when i cuss, it is always for a good reason, and this picture, i colud only describe it a f**king great! maybe its because it reminds me of someone i know. anyways, i havn't found one of your photos i didn't like. ^_^

Evgeniy Shaman
retro_town want comments, thanks!

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