Sky there are

by Shaman Evgeniy

sky there are seeking critique shaman evgeniy

Gallery: Late angel

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Published: Monday 30th of August 2004 10:52:21 AM


Evgeniy Shaman
To Kjartan Haavik Late angel series... this art-photo about belief in sky - exist or not exist...

Kjartan Haavik
I like it. But im a bit confused as to what is going on in the picture. Maybe you could tell me what you are trying to say with this. Is she dead?

Stevan Jovanovic
I saw your photos. It`s great! Like Dave McKean art! But Great!!!

Damjan Voglar
Love your work, my regards to you.

Seth Siro Anton
pro! great portfolio also, really artistic. My regards

Bianca Van Der Werf
Really amazing!!!!!!

Ozgur Donmaz

Evgeniy Shaman
sky there are want comments, thanks!

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