Praia Azul

by Sousa Dias Nana

praia azul pentax smc fish eye mm x ilford hp a sousa dias nana

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Published: Friday 27th of August 2004 12:23:50 PM


Brad Kim
Fantastic sky.... I like this....!

Monia Mura
rievoca un profondo senso di solitudine, un'immagine che parla! bella!

Claudio Orlando
Fantastico B.N.!!!! Grande stampatore!

Cristina Fumi
I like the overall effect, but I would like to see the waves a little whiter...

Regina Chayer
This one blows me away... incredible sky!

Francesco Martini
fantastic image..great sky!!!!!!

Dmitri Zakovorotny
Terrific sense of space! 7/6

brian fulham
The perspective is wonderful as are also the variations in black and white.

Jan Olof Härnström
You really know how to use this camera and lens. Great skill makes this picture possible. Top rates.

nick kessler

Carsten Ranke
Excellent B&W, simple yet effective composition and great sky. Congrats ! Carsten

Pnina Evental
6/7 Very beautiful sky, Nana. well captured. Pnina

nghj wgfvh
great seems as if the the sky was about to fall down :) great 7/7

Bruce Sturm
a wonderful image with great great potential however, the tonality looks uneven to me. it looks a little dark in the foreground and too dark on the left side. is this the actual image or has the image been dressed up in photo shop?

Frunze Verdi
I'm following your footsteps to the horizont line. Majestic sky.

Tom Freebairn
It's amazing that such a simple composition has such a dynamic impact.

Paula Grenside
awsome perspective. Incumbing atmosphere enhanced by B&W

Maxime Boisvert
Very, very, very nice. Beautiful, and much more.

chris davies
Great Great shot - that must have been a satisfying walk !

Hakon Soreide
This is what many would call underexposed. I call it perfect exposure, loving to take pictures myself against the light for this kind of effect. The dramatic sky with the silhouetted figure and just the right horizon to make the dark beach not too dominant makes this a great composition.

Razvan Alexandru Cofaru
great very very beautiful photo, the clouds are like a frozen sea!

azer naik
wanderful shot

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