ma 3

by Peri John

ma nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Portrait

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Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Wednesday 25th of August 2004 05:30:49 PM


anna derksen
nice picture nice pictures

Kim Hitka
Well, the photo caught my eye...but upon closer inspection, model has definately been cut and pasted into the scene. I think i would have liked it better without the model. The room is fantastic - the woman just doesn't belong. Colour is wrong - lighting is wrong. Sorry.

Jim McConnell
Great comp John, that room set is fantastic, 6/7

John Peri
Daylight and bounced flash.

Steffen Germann
cut and paste? Could it be the model entered the mediterranean environment by cut and paste? There seems to be a little grey background left in the hair. Also the shadow below the left shoe is a little too soft and too far away from the carpet. Nevertheless almost perfect.

Cristina Fumi
I love the colors and light about this.

David Vorland
Yes, great decor! How did you light this, John?

Armindo Lopes
Great, as usually!

John Peri
Yes my friends, she has been added. As stated, she was taken sitting like that with daylight/flash ... then she was added to the bathroom .... actually, I think she is a little too big in comparison with the background, but I just don't have the patience to start over again!

Israel Onell
Rules? Rules were made to be broken. Dont worry for the foot, each component is a piece of art.

Howard Dion
Very cool bathroom. Oh yes, the model is kind of hot! Let's see cool bathroom + hot model = good photograph. Simple formula don't you think?

Steve nicholson
Another great image John. That bath with curves and a lovely model would make a fine combination.

anne knes
Great image John. ____7 / 7.

Greg Hall
ma 3 Well John, ya had me fooled-I thought it was an actual image of a subject in the bathroom-(great idea BTW)-most images are lies anyways, whether it be similar to this of whether the photographer has softened or used healing brush in PS to remove wrinkles or blemishes or whatever-it's a nice image and you did a very good job at pasting-I don't think I'd be dissecting every image that I like-I just appreciate what I see-I'll leave the nitpicking to somebody else like Kymberlee and Steffen. I just wish I had as many subjects to shoot-keep posting great stuff John...

John Peri
Greg, thanks, but come on, you have countless beautiful models ...!

Johannes Felten
Great pose, lovely surroundings and beautiful colours. ( I will refrain from mentioning anything about the unfortunate accident in which the model has lost some of her toes, except my condolences and that I wish her a swift recovery.)

Alec Ee
Very clean work John. Well done.

Clemson Guy
Lovely Found this gem in your portfolio. The colors the model it all works perfectly for me. You are always an inspiration.

John Peri
Bathtub The foot is missing indeed, personally it troubles me, but then I just saw some new pictures by Demarchelier in which feet and hands are cut off if half. Who is to say what rules exist and which of them should be followed.

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