To want to fly # 05.

by Amelkovich Igor

to want fly nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 25th of August 2004 12:15:41 PM


John Peri
Hey Demarchelier did this with a tree! Excellent, as always Igor.

Geert Vanden Wijngaert
Very original nude picture Igor...I really like this one. Best Geert

Don Farra
interesting The image has the technical element under control while providing the tonal and subject contasts necessary for a interesting image. Yet it does not work for me. It appears formula driven and lacks impact due to the unnatural setting of the model. Best of luck.

Sina Lab
Sina Lab Very nice, good's art:)

Peter Bilitch
Igor, It is certainly original. The contrasting curves and lines are well composed and perfectly exposed. I really have no idea what to make of why she is hanging there. So I guess it must be a work of art... Peter

Patrick Flynn
David --- LOL!

Jim Swenson

Michele Perone
Very nice composition. I like it.

Thomas Collins
Great compostion and tonality, but I think that it would have been enlivened by having the model raise her legs in some fashion to show that she is not just hanging like beef on a meat hook - unless of course that is your objective. Love your work!

David McCracken
The problems photographers have! There you go! Of to shoot a mining photo and there is this naked girl hanging around! Don't you just hate that? Well done!

M Kole
Really outstanding and original. Especially the skin tone is very nice

Marc Aubry
Very nice and original.

Jason Weddington
Excellent composition.

Martin Richter
Nice look and contrast of hard lines and soft form.

Dmitri Zakovorotny
Perfect composition ,idea & tonal contrast.7/7

Dima Oukhov
Igor klassno!

Igor Laptev

Stephen Galea
well done again IGOR,..U HAVE A gREAT BIG TALENT

Steve Bingham
Model shoots can be a hoot. Obviously you were enjoying this one. Nice, different, but not quite there.

Micah Bailey
I really like the form of the female but she doesn't harmonize with her surroundings very much. More a woman hanging. So I think by themselves they both make good shots but not together.

J.W. Kencke
Thanks... simple and I can't check here everyday, but everytime I log back in...there's another couple of "Igors". Great. Next time try having her do a loop-da-loop while drinking a cup of coffee. That might impress some of these folks. Me, I enjoy all of your work.

Sally Delacruz
She must be tired after the photo shot. I like this very much.Thanks for sharing

Igor Amelkovich
I had no assistants. We were together. I and she.

Russ Martin
I'd like to know the procedure the photographer used. Did he have assistants that helped her up and then got out of the way or did he do it himself and then took the picture? Alternatively, could this be a Photoshop picture? She doesn't look too stressed out!

M. H.
7/7! Cheers Misha

mariam ashton
amazeing! i love the contrast! i think the mountains in the back finsh this one.

Igor Amelkovich
To want to fly. The deserted mine.

chad marr
perfect positioning and contrast

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