Spirit Catcher

by Cassidy David

spirit catcher seeking critique cassidy david

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Published: Sunday 22nd of August 2004 11:35:55 PM


Warren Williams
Looks like a bird. Interesting.

Len Marriott
Home Turf Advantage (not taken) ! David, Very imaginative framing. I like this version a lot. This subject is from my home town, my turf if you will, and I don't have a version as good as this in my files. (I find I say that a lot:-) Do you live in the area? Best, LM. (Barrie)

David Cassidy
Hi, Len. Thanks for the comments, they're always appreciated. I do live in Barrie. I spend a lot of time by the waterfront, mostly rollerblading, but occasionally I get down there with my photo gear. This was just one of those days when the light was just right in the early morning. -David :)

David Cassidy
Spirit Catcher I welcome any comments or critiques. Thank you.

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