by Soini Hannu

untitled seeking critique soini hannu

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Category: Landscape

Published: Saturday 21st of August 2004 04:37:13 PM


Eric Fredine
The composition works really well for me (except for maybe the distant island on the horizon). It is an intriguing combination of elements in a dynamic arrangement. Technically the foreground looks a little soft though this isn't too distracting here because it is relatively dark and not too important. Likely to be more of a problem at larger sizes though.

Andrea Endisch
almost surreal scenario here with the grass and the ship in the background - time seems to be stopped - beautiful!.

Greg McCracken
Great photo! Try using a neutral density graduated filter to darken the sky a bit more.

Jarkko Kuosmanen
I like it !
Hieno kuva ! ...asettelu natsaa. Ilman keskel olevia vesikasveja kuva ei olis ollut noin upee kuin se nyt on.

Hannu Soini
Safe Harbour Sailing boat in Safeharbour. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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