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Published: Friday 20th of August 2004 09:26:26 PM


Ken Beilman
Wilson Looks good but agree it is even better larger. Very nice perspective, colors, and composition. Foreground detail is superb. Blue tint to the grass is pleasing. ? maybe less blueness in the clouds. You did a great job salvaging the background detail.

Howard Dion
It has an Indian name. It's called TREE THAT BENDS WITH THE WIND. Excellent shot. I really like the four bands of color.

Kim Slonaker
I like the tree contrasting against the bands of color. Very nice.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Whoa... what a virtual delight. The blue clouds look like cotton candy. I really have never seen anything like this. Horizonal lines of such varying degree of color and texture. The detail and softness in the grass is superb. What a view. No clue about the name of the tree, but isn't it interesting all bent over. Pull of the sun, damaged by hurricane when it was young, or what? It would be interesting to know. The observatory appears so far away and small. This helps to define the size of what one is viewing. Beautiful touch.

Tuhin Saha
Wilson the tree is a special feature of this picture but the 'colours' ?

David McCracken
Judging you by your own standards! I find I look at your photos and I am expecting to see True Tsoi every time I see them. This is a good picture but it doesn't have the Tsoiness that I am expecting. I actually think this picture might work better without the tree.

Brendan Mudd
Everything about this piece of work is fantastic!! Very well done.

R Jackson
When it happens to pines at high altitude, it's called "krummholz", which is German for "crooked wood" (A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide: The Southern Rockies, Benedict, 1991). It is the result of wind forces over time. Nice shot. Are those observatories in the upper right?

Guido Fulgenzi
Great composition,I like a lot the variations of colors.

Eric Fredine
Interesting subject matter and a fine composition. I like the surreal feeling. To me, the colours are over the top and the photograph doesn't need them - it would be more powerful (though perhaps less popular here on PN :)) with a more restrained and realistic approach.

Hector Brandan
Excellent colors very good image and nice colors, congratulations, good work 7/7

Allon Kira
Excellent motion shot! Colors and comp. are great, Very well done, Wilson!

David McCracken
Between Friends! What's a few bullet holes between friends?

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone... ...appreciate your feedback. R. Jackson, thanks for the info and added it to the tech detail. Yes, at top of Mauna Kea is one of the world largest telescope (if not the largest.) Stephen, thanks for the thinking out loud. It's fascinating since I often do the same. David, have you been experimenting with AmeriCANs agains? ^_^

Andrea Endisch
great place! apart from being beautiful the picture has a strange effect, too: the tree is situated in the clouds like in a wind-canal, yet the clouds are peaceful..

Francesco Martini
very good image and nice colour!!!!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all so far for your feedback and suggestion. Howard, I'll borrow some of that copy writting of yours. David, I know what you mean, but I can't quite get across barbed wire fences into farmer's ranch to use a wide angle with the tree to achieve that dramatic look. I heard they carry serious hunting rifles to fend off cattle thieves!

Israel Onell
Wow beatiful, nice blue even if it�s digital. And what is it the background, The astronomy observatory from Chile

Michele Perone
Good light and coulors.

Stephen Forsyth
The lines here are crying out for a nice panaramic, but can't crop away that luscious grass. Damn. O.K., I'll love it, but I'm not happy about it. Anyway, the diagonals, the colours, the bend in the tree matching the gradient of the clouds(fog, whatever), makes me go mmm.

Carsten Ranke
7/7 Almost supernal scenery, great colors and lighting, clear-cut composition. Congrats, Carsten

Henri Manguy
It's a good photo, but I think like David, it would work better in my opinion without the tree, which seems to me like an intruder in this composition of colours. Thank you for your comment and rating on my Paris firework. I have already noticed, of course, your deep love for the Eiffel Tower and other Parisian monuments which you always photograph with a great talent.

Ray Wei
Very nicely done for a strong image. I like the color layers.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone for your feedback... ...really appreciate your inputs. Eric, I know what you mean. Your point is well taken, but I personally favor the Velvia camp. I'm sure either way, your execellent work translate equally well; normally aspirated, or saturated. ^_^

Pawel Stradowski
6/6 I love the colors. Truly nice image

Gaetan Chevalier
7/7 As an amateur astronomer i find this shot very good and original. Often the summit have a clear sky and below it is often cloudy, your photo did show that. Also the light and colours are superb. Congratulation for an excellent work.

Wilson Tsoi
Henri, Sondra, Pawel, and Gaetan, thank you so much for your comments. ^_^

Sondra Kicklighter
Bent Wilson, Great capture, the bands of color are beautiful. Nice work!! 7/7

Carolyn Dalessandro
Hi Wilson, Having just found you tonight I feel like I have been blessed. I do not see one photo that I don't think is outstanding. You have true vision and it shows here...each image more beautiful then the next...You are a true inspiration. Thank you...Carolyn

Wilson Tsoi
"Bend It Like Beckham" Leaning Tree & Mauna Kea Observatory. There are many leaning trees like this in Waimea. Other than calling it a Hawaiian Cypress, does anyone know what it should be called? Photographic critique is also welcome. Thanks!

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