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by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Thursday 19th of August 2004 08:25:30 PM


Troy Wilson
This is a fantastic photo. Nice use of light.

Robert Marleau
a fantastic one! love the pose of the girl and the way you used the light, perfect!

Thomas Collins
John, we've missed you over the last few weeks! Now I know why you have been so quiet. Beautiful work as always, and if your model's ever find their way to PN, here is a huge "welcome" from the member community, as you will undoubtedly become part of PN's diverse and always controversial history. :-)

Marc B
John, You photographic prowess comes only seconds to you sales prowess. Forget about writing a book about photography. Write a "How To" book about meeting women and you'll become a millionaire ;-)

Jim Hayes
John I can remember when I was a kid, having to tell what I did on my summer vacation when returning to school. Now can you imagine a little boy holding up this shot and saying I met and photographed 3 new women this summer. I can just see the panic in the eyes of the teacher. I always enjoy how you build each new model to a climax with your showings here. I always await your sessions like I do a book from a favorite author. Thanks

Nikos Smailis
I hope you had good times in Greece! ..when you visit a new place then the most of all it`s really worth to meet the the people leaving there.. I think you had the right choices..

William R. Hayes
7/7 Good to have you back

John Peri
David, no, it isn't, but as you see, I couldn't get her out of my mind.

Venicia L
Lovely. I like the softness of the model's pose.


Howard Dion
Hello! Welcome back. Like the set up with dark on the left and light on the right and the model right in the middle.

Rajeev Thomas
John..this is a candid shot with great pose and quality!!

John Peri
Thanks Knicki. I keep saying that on PN too. There is really no mystery to it. I guess you have to overcome your shyness, or maybe it helps, but that's it ...

John Peri
Jodi, this is very hard to answer and it all really depends on the relationship that you establish at the outset. Several of my models have been American and/or Canadian, so I do not think that is the issue. No, I never have anyone else present, because I try to get a one to one thing going, which is what it is all about. I do not say that it is easy. It's really hard work to develop the trust on which all this depends. And yes, I do show a couple of portfolios, first in order to let them know what to expect, secondly in order to gain their trust, as they can then clearly see that vulgarity is out of the vocabulary. As for the "clothing", if you show them what you do, then they have a kind of image in mind which they attempt to follow.

Jodi N
Approach John, Just like many comments about how you approach the model in the first place. I understand that they are all around you, but perhaps it has something to do with logistics as well. In the U.S., you have to do some kind of magic spell to actually set up a photoshoot with a stranger. You've done that AND you made them trust you (looking at the clothing they comfortably 'almost' wear at the shoot). Now, you boggled most of us with that (thus the questions keep coming). Do they bring chaperone or you have a female presence in the shoot? Are they that trusting on your side of the globe?? :) Also, do you show your portfolio to ease them up to agree to the shoot? I appreciate any reply from you.

John Peri
Thanks Greg. Indeed, people don't ask often enough, being fearful of rejection. But they are wrong because most young women understand the wonders of photography and they are pleased to have the opportunity to share in the process.

Greg Hall
Mar 1 Hi John WOW!!-Another fine example of photographic art-perfect model-perfect composition perfect lighting-femininity at it's finest-need I say more? OK I will-this image has really kept my attention-more so than any nude. (hey-Im a guy) As you indicated-introducing yourself (I recently did just that to a gal who works in a local shop-asked her if she was interested-she said yes-that's the only way you can get started-don't be shy-show your work). as usual-great job John regards Greg Hall

mark williams
Natually Beauty Wow, This woman is such a natural beauty. I would love to see more of her I think the shot is great, but of course yoiu have a great subject. nice work

John Peri
Chance Meeting no. 1 Introducing the first of three models that I photographed this summer. In no special order, the first I met when walking through the lobbey of a major Hotel in Athens. She was selling jewelry in one of the shops, the second is a doctor specialized in pediatric cancer that is doing her internship, and the third runs a head hunter agency. Two out of three were purely a chance meeting.

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