"Early Birds"

by Tsoi Wilson

early birds seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 19th of August 2004 03:14:01 AM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson This looks like a question for Vincent. Is this a palm leaf they are perched on. I love the color, and the diagonal of the leaf (?), plus the yellow lines of the leaf. The bird on the right looks rather uncomfortable, his toes all curled around, hanging on for dear life. The one in the rear looks like he's very comfortable walking up there. Maybe, an old bird on right, more experienced has fallen off a few times. Young bird on left, thinks he's invincible? LOL. Really nice composition!

Francesco Martini
very nice image!!!!!!

Wilson Tsoi
Jayme, how 'bout just a "booker" if we ever cross path? ^_^ Thanks Ray for your feedback. Angel, I haven't been to Spain yet, but I had always been interested in different cultures and places. When I first saw a Spanish procession photo many years ago, I was misled as well. But then I started to do research, and now it's all quite clear. One day, I'll go to Spain to see it in person! ^_^ Reiner, okay no more. BTW, Rottweil looks really good!

Wilson, no picture without added crime story any more in the future! RE

Tuhin Saha
Wilson did you use the 80-200 nikkor lens ?

David Maisant
Maybe you have noticed my love of diagonals. Then you won't be surprised if I praise your picture. EXCELLENT composition !

Wilson Tsoi
"Java Finches" (Both Male) Thanks everyone for your feedback, especially Jared for identifying them! I also found out they both are male (a female is all white.) They were perched on a palm frond (see pix of where they were at.) I almost killed myself from shooting these guys. Not because they were dangerous birds, but while I was exploring a little church, I was stupid enough to climb the lava rock wall with my flip-flops (even though there was a sign, "For Your Own Safety, Do Not Climb.") And when I heard chirping behind me, I turned around and snapped them. Seconds later, the wall crumbled with my right foot trapped in a pile of lava rocks! I immediately looked around to make sure nobody saw my stupidity, regained my composure, and rebuilt the wall with my bloody hands (and Howard thought I was, "lucky.") ^_^ Needless to say I didn't stay to shoot, left as soon as I can (after a short prayer,) and was sore all over for days!

Guido Fulgenzi
Nice capture!

Maria Conversano
Very beautiful this composition! I love the diagonal cul of the picture and the sweet subject. Fantastic the warm light!

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson Very proper and well composed. I also like to colors

Howard Dion
Great shot...some people have all the luck. Wilson, this is really cool.

Gabriella Lucia
Great perspective.

Wilson Tsoi
Jayme, Kim... Yeah, kinda like that ruffled up one in the front. Let me give you the graphic...

Jared B.
Great This is a Great shot .. love the cropping. These birds are Java Finches or Rice birds.

Richard Kynast
I don't know what an early bird is but I believe you've captured their image well. Very nice work.

Angel Hernandez
Nice shot Wilson, as usual. BUT I MUST CONGRATULATE YOU FOR YOUR DEEP KNOWLEDGE OBOUT SPAIN, WRITTEN ON YOUR COMMENT ON Antonio Garcia SHOT. My goodness, you know more than a lot of Sapniards about the subject of Holy Week. Have you been living in Spain? My best regards and admiration!!

Umit Altun
7:6 Wilson, This is lovely, pretty shot...Colors and composition are beautiful. Very well done!!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson Some of the best graphics I've seen in a while. LOLROF!!!!!! The white chalk line does it for me! Kind like CSI Hawaii! LOL. Nice job, can I rate this somewhere???????LOL

Ray Wei
Well done. Wilson. Well done.

Weinmaster M
Hy Wilson! It is a great snapshot. I think it's the better today early morning. Congrat.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Love how you cropped this one. Very creative. What are they perched on?

Erik Adams
Very eye catching composition, Wilson. Interesting comment above about having all the luck. I suspect there's more to it. How many hours a day do you have a camera in your hands? Are you training your eye even when you aren't taking photos? In short, how do we get to be this good? Inquiring minds want to know. Best regards.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson So after your fall, your kind of like the old bird, wraping your toes around the lava rock and hanging on for dear life! Lucky you really didn't hurt yourself badly. Dangerous sport this photography thing! LOL

Kim Slonaker
What we will do in the name of photography! I like the diagonal lines of the leaves and the contrasting colors of the birds with their perch. Nice work.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, David, and Tuhin. Yes, it was an AF-D 80-200 2.8 Nikkor (tripod collar.)

Wilson Tsoi
"Early Birds" Does anyone know what they are? Does anyone know what these are called? Also, comments, suggestions, ratings, etc. are welcome. Thanks.

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