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Published: Wednesday 18th of August 2004 05:40:30 PM


Stephen Forsyth
Sorry I do like the idea but, I'm not convinced this works. The path is an unecessary distraction, and the downward angle its shot from is annoying. You obviously had to get higher up to catch both waters, but there's so little of the Fjord, that its practically pointless. Maybe taking it from one of those rocks beside the path would have been better. Just my opinion...

Luca Baldassarre
nice photo..brings to the surface memories of two years in Norway...before I took photography...what a marvellous land!

Todd .
Very Nice To me, only the weather could have made this shot any better. The skyline seems a bit smoky or foggy, but that's not exactly in your control. The path is curious and for that, I really like it. Most of all, the effort that you put forth to actually get this shot is commendable.

Guillermo Mario Martinez Caballero
Nicely sINCE AIRPLAINE ? Espectacular place and realy good well done about angle and exposure

Eric Dupin
Thank you for rating and comment Fjord and little lake...

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