"A Tropical Night"

by Tsoi Wilson

a tropical night seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 18th of August 2004 02:39:46 AM


David McCracken
Works / Doesn't Exposure works. Colour works. The artificial lighting ruins this a little especially on the palm to the right. The incoherent way the palms interact create a feeling of unease. However this is nature and this is what you saw. I guess when I see your pictures I expect everything to have a place.

kristin morales

Tuhin Saha
Wilson No complaint on this one , excellent ..

Cristina Fumi

Howard Dion
My friend, this is a taste thing. Technically a good image with the right intuition and technique. The subject matter just doesn't ruffle my feathers.

Zack Mensinger
Beautiful, I really like how the fill-flash allows the details of the palms to be brought out, wonderful picture.

Mike Bowzeylo
I really like this image, there is something about it that really draws you into it. Well done. Regards Mike Bowzeylo

Angel Hernandez
After this I know someone who is dreaming of Hawai. Beautiful!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson This is just a tad too busy for me. The colors are wonderful, but my eyes are moving all over the place. The moonlight wants to be the focal point, but then so does the trunk of the palm on the right, creating the wonderful diagonal. Maybe if the palm trunk lead me to the moonlight. But it's a little disorienting because it leads me no where. But this is just one woman's opinion, and not a very photo savy one at that.

Allon Kira
Excellent long exposure result! I love the deep blue color of the sky. Again - you do miracles with the A80 :) Cheers, allon. 7/6.

Ken Beilman
Wils The lighting is so unique. The fill-in flash, for me, really adds a lot and distinguishes the photo from the usual silhouette shot. Very creative, as usual.

Pawel Stradowski
6/6 Wonderful and dynamic composition and wonderful colors. Simple place but oustanding image

Weinmaster M
This is a realy unique photo. I like the unusual lighting. The palma in right side damage the photo. But it is excellent.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. It is absolutely fascinating to hear how different everyone feels about this. The story: It was midnight at the hotel after an uneventful day, so I thought I'd try someting different, especially that the moon was pretty full. I sat along the hotel driveway sidewalk, set the A80 and a little tabletop tripod on the ground, set for fill-flash. With a 15 second exposure, a small breewze gives the palm leaves a little blurred edges (softness.) I personally like this somewhat surreal, eerie effect, but can totally see how it may bothers some of you as well.

Rod Melotte
WOnderfull shot, I'm going to USVI in a few months (164 days but who is counting) and this REALLY gets me dreaming. I can just feel a soft sea breeze and hear the rustle of the leaves. Excelent.

Wilson Tsoi
"A Tropical Night." Would appreciate feedback. Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this. What works, what doesn't. ^_^

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