"Moon Lava"

by Tsoi Wilson

moon lava kilauea seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 18th of August 2004 12:38:21 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Amar and Wayne for your comments. Wayne, please refer to "technical detail" section for answer to your question. ^_^

Alec Ee
I see you are using the D70. This is a difficult shot made good Wilson. Well done.

Kim Slonaker
Great shot, Wilson. I don't know how you managed to keep as much detail in the lava without it getting burned out.

Tuhin Saha
Wilson Lou Ann would surely talk about the moon . You are an artist at heart..

Wayne Matthews
I love the mood of this pic. Question though, did you put the moon in after the shot?

Amar Khoday
Hiking near the lava sounds dangerous, but look at the results.

Bryan Olesen
Very nice work combining the two exposures. Excellent image.

Howard Dion
Wilson: Rather adventerous of you. Frankly, adding the moon makes the shot.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your comments. Howard, I wasn't as adventurous as Vincent (he was probably just off to the left of this pix.) Alec, yes sir, had to pick one up for a wedding job there, so might as well bring it along. Kim, I took different exposure and combined lava detail from other shots. Angel, no, I didn't get burnt, but was sore for days. Reiner, I know what you mean. It really isn't for everyone. Carsten, great suggestion (I'll try that.) Pawel, it was added (see "tech detail" for more info.) Thanks, everyone. ^_^

Derek Laird
Stunning! Wilson, fantastic image!..just shows you take the risks and go a little further..and look at the results!? Well done Regards

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson The overall result of your labors is well worth it. The red glow from the flames and lava is amazing. I'm not sure I agree with Carsten about the blue cast to the moon. I think maybe purple, like the slight glow seen in the upper left, might be a more asthetic choice, since purple is in high contrast with the yellow glow. But at any rate, I actually like it the way it is. I agree with Ken & Howard about the need for the moon. I like how the lava takes on a triangular form, nice compliment to the spherical moon. Beautiful job on a very difficult subject. One last comment: Enquiring minds want to know, you didn't wear flip flops on this excursion did you?

Angel Hernandez
Wilson, this is super!! Hope you did not get burnt.

Maria Conversano
Very impressive!

I cant "believe" it in this edition. The moon seems too bright and clear in comparision to the given "earthy" circumstances. So it is subconsciously disturbing related to our experience. RE

Pawel Stradowski
Love the moon I love the moon. Is it original or added?

Wilson Tsoi
...Jayme... ...thanks for such a thorough insight, truly appreciate it. Yes, the moon definitely is a big part of the equation, and either Carsten's blue or Jayme purple will add more interest. No flip-flops, Jayme, but here is more detail. I wish they would settle for a few good lenses instead of several pairs of shoes!

Guido Fulgenzi
Terrific light!Nice job.

Mark Berkson
Nice addition! I like the addition of the moon. I think it makes it more dramatic than the original you showed me a few days ago.

Ken Beilman
Wils I agree with Howard. The moon really adds a lot of interest to what can be a confusing subject matter.

Francesco Martini
a very suggestive image!!!!!!!

Carsten Ranke
Great, dramatic night shot, well executed ! You exposed for the lava, right ? Double exposure for light and shadows in this dynamic situation would not work, I assume. Good idea to add the moon shot, very effective compositionwise. The only thing I consider is color balance of the moon, would it fit better here with a slight bluish tone ? Regards, Carsten

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you, Guido, Mark, and Derek for your kind words.

Nathan Craver
Beautiful photo! I love shots of lava and the moon makes it complete. Great work!

Brian Denz
Truly awesome..fascinating

Wilson Tsoi
"The Night It Meets the Ocean." Lava Flow & Ocean Waves, Thoughts? Would appreciate your feedback. Please see "detail" section for more information. Thanks.

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