"Calling It a Day"

by Tsoi Wilson

calling it a day seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 16th of August 2004 08:50:45 PM


Ken Beilman
Wils Another winner. Great colors and subject. ? consider cropping a little off the foreground.

Gaetan Chevalier
Very nice shot!

Floriana Barbu
Beautiful colours and very good composition.Profesional done!

Dave Nitsche
Outstanding image. Wonderful colors. A personal fave for me... Dave

Tuhin Saha
Wilson Lou Ann is correct !

Maria Conversano
Peaceful picture. Fantastic colors and exellent composition.

Wilson Tsoi
Howard, Reiner, Lou Ann, Gaetan, Jim, and Kim... Thank you all for your feedback. Howard, I too would LOVE to move there. The sunset there is just amazing. BTW Howard, I didn't use a tripod, but hand-held, propped against a cabana (didn't pay rent for it neither.) ^_^

Howard Dion
6/6 by me That's it! I gotta move. I don't want to be the fisherman but would like to have been the photographer. By the way, did you use a tripod on this shot? The colors are unbelievable.

Kim Slonaker
I like the lines in this one - the diagonal of the mountain that is echoed in the sailboat, albeit a little differently. The clouds and water kind of mimic each other, too, in the more curvy shapes. I guess what I'm saying is I really like this one!

Let me say something fundamental: There is a clock, you get a specific constellation of the hands - every hour slightly different. Different in the whole tomorrow too because the angle of the light that falls onto... and so on. So I am impressed by this very moment at your picture which created this unique structure of forms. RE 7/6

Stephen Forsyth
This may be an obvious thing to say, but what the hell, more to the left so that the sail balances out the mountain.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson The colors are so warm and wonderful. The horizon divides nicely the softness of the clouds & mountain from the intense texture & movement of the ocean. I like the distinct differences. Nice job!

Wilson Tsoi
Maria, Stephen, Ken, Floriana, and Dave... Thank you all for your feedback.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I feel like I'm following Howard around (not on purpose, though! LOL!!) I like this ... although, for some reason, the mountain in the background bothers me. I'm not sure why. I think it's because I'd either rather see more of it or less of it. The colors that you've captured are wonderful, though!

Jim Swenson
Simply fantastic.

Wilson Tsoi
Jayme, Tuhin, Walter, and Pawel... ...thank you for your comments. ^_^

Walter Tatulinski
Maui! Beautiful color, excellent mood! But in Paradise, what else is there? I think I would kill to be on that Cat right now. Regards.

Pawel Stradowski
6/6 This is very nice. Correctly cropped and composed and very pleasing colors

Wilson Tsoi
"Calling It a Day." Does this work for you? Taken around 7pm in Lahaina with Molokai in the background. The sailor is wrapping up his day. Feedback is appreciated, thanks.

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