"Alone at the Fall"

by Tsoi Wilson

alone at the fall haiku seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 13th of August 2004 08:32:17 PM


Kaur Lass
Peaceful moment Perfect title for the perfect image. We are alone only if see it this way - in the end, on the final analysis, we are not alone nor are we separate from everthing else.

Humans like water. Water calms them. Maybe because we consist mostly of water. If we learn to be here and now, we are flexible like water and we have a endless freedom to go around of everything and to absorb everything without having any storms within us. No matter how long it takes we get where we need to. But never were we want to. Even water does not run uphill, always down until it meets the great Ocean. Watwe never wants enything, maybe thats why we look at it when we are lost in our dreams and want all the needless stuff in this world.

Great and symbolic image with perfect composition and interesting colors.

Brad Kim
This is really a wonderful image, Wilson.....My hearty congratulations! A 7/7 from me.


Jenny Brown
The right light really makes the shot. I'm not quite sure what his hands are doing, although that may be fine in a large print where it's more visible. Excellent handling of exposure (spot sunlight is tricky!) and having the light glancing off his shoulders. This is an excellent scene.

David McCracken
True Tsoi Need I say more?

Pitman Lee
WOW!! Fantastic image!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone for your feedback. Jenny, he was fishing with his bare hands, and was able to catch a few (don't ask me what they are, only about 1/2 inch long.) The area was very wooded and extremely dark. There was a few beams of light made it through the canopy. Very serene though, and that's what I tried to convey. Thanks!

Igor Laptev
Great shot!

Allon Kira
Excellent light, colors and comp.! it's amazing how you get such pics with the little A80. Cheers, allon.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone so far for your feedback. Martin, it was around 1.5 to 2 seconds (wish the the detailed info can be displayed when files moved to hard drive, anyone know how to retrieve this?)

Howard Dion
Wilson: I am absolutely impressed with this image and am glad you are a memeber of PN. Very inspiring. Photography does not get any better. 7/7 by me.

Sergei Sogokon
I agree with Peter!Well done!

martin stott
what was your shutter speed?

Kenny Com
Great shot Good color & lighting.... Well composed...

Carlos Benjamin
Wow. Great lighting. Perfect exposure. As far as retrieving the EXIF info you can do it in Photoshop or other photo editing packages. I think Windows XP will show some of the EXIF info if you right click and select properties. I'd be shocked if you couldn't also do the same with a Mac.

Doug Hawks
Great sense of immediacy and incredibily vivid colors and contrast. Well done.

Mark B Bartosik
Wilson - this is truly gorgeous photo - interaction between light, colors and subject holds eyes magically. Best regards, Mark

Jeff Grant
Wonderful light and a great composition, I wonder if it would be improved by burning in the top left corner.

Dave Nitsche
This is a great image bud and please accept the next comments as just an addition to an already wonderful shot... The light area of water in the bottom forth of the image, do ya think you could darken it a bit? My eye just continually goes there. I would burn the heck out of it. It will help focus the attention where it belongs. Also, I mimic what David S. says above. The reflection in the water looks like the fall is sharp as all can be. Once again, I have no problem with PS work in nature unless it is noticeable, the reflection was one of the first things I noticed. I would fix that and add a bit of noise in the falls to mask the look of a software blur. I know I am in the vast minority here, but I just thought I should mention it. A nice shot none the less. Dave

Gabriella Lucia

maria pia guerrini
Great shot 7/7/

Jenny Catron
The lighting rocks. I think what makes this shot is the lighting, and it really shows the beauty of what light can do. Excellent shot, and so glad to see something so simple and elegant make it to the top of the list. Wonderful job.

Vincent K. Tylor
Super difficult to slow the action yet also keep the moving element (the little guy) sharp. VERY difficult I should say! I too agree with Dave here in that giving the foreground pool a bit more attention might help you to improve this already very nice capture. You have some really excellent images Wilson. Your attention to detail and very hard work in the field reflects very nicely in the quality of your folders. ...Aloha.

Craig Ferguson
Perfect - and yes, travel probably is the best category.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. Really appreciate it. Tuhin, the 11-year-old boy was catching little fish with his bare hands. In a competitive spirit against his 8-year old sister, he managed to catch 8-9 of them in a mutual catch-n-let-go rule. In the photo, he had just caught one, and was examining the catch closely. Otherwise, he'll be all over the bottom of the fall. I must have made over 10 exposures at around 1-2 seconds to come up with this sharp one. Thanks again, everyone. ^_^

Robin Hayashi
Wow! Amazing! great movement

Tuhin Saha
Bull's eye congratulations WIlson , love to know who the kid is ( the story behind the shot ) and how he managed to stand still for 1.5 seconds ( because you never know with these kids )..

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your continual feedback and kind words. Mark, at the time, it was frustrating in a way because the destination has so much to offer and yet, we were not as efficient with time utilization as I had hoped (see my whining in 'Where It Meets the Sea' .) At the end, it's all about spending time with your loved ones, and photography becomes second (a close second at that!) I came home feeling very thankful for my family, my neighbors (co-travellers,) Pele's mercy, and look forward to return to the Big Island in near future. ^_^

Hasan Ghodrati
Beautiful.....thanks for sharing...I love it. Regards - Hasan

Erik Adams
Fantastic image. The light is perfect and the colors very pleasing.

A.K. Sircar
BREATHTAKING What a superb shot! Heartiest congratulations.

Pnina Evental
Wilson, all needed to a good image is PRESENT.Pnina

mondiani .
what also makes this picture is this a dream that many of us share


Mondiani party event photographer

Conrad Seto
What a bona fide category 7:7 artistic and creative photograph. Thank you for sharing it.

Ray Wei
Bravo Again, this is wonderful, Wilson. I can almost tell your trademark by now. :D

Alec Ee
Good eye for composition plus skill in photography and backroom work equals excellent results! Congratulations on an exquisite image Wilson. When are you going DSLR?

Ken Beilman
Wilson 7/7 You continue to amaze me. One of your best ever! The lighting, composition, and subject matter is fabulous. This couldn't be better.

Carsten Ranke
7/7 Excellent, nothing to improve here. You are a great photographer, congrats !

David McSween
Why not fix... Fix up the little blue fringes on the high lights and what blur function did you use on the water. Looks like the plant behind the water copped a blur as well. The reflection in the pool is a give away, maybe mirror the reflection down there too. and the masking of the blur at the top seems a bit harsh.

Bob Kurt
7/7 Great photo!

Guido Fulgenzi
Beautiful composition,stiking picture!

John Campbell
Beautiful Very well done. Great colors. What a great location to shoot.

Joel B.
! Perfect...

Els Wetting
Alone at the fall, that's impossivle, you have the fall around you, so that'' s falling together, very beautifull Els

kristin morales
simply perfect...everything has said.

jake richardson
good composition i like the color of the pool and the boy's reflection.

Rouslan Tiourine
7x7 of course 7x7-very good, everithin is very good.

Gilbert Fortier
This is really nice...

7/7 (...I'll call you to hear how you managed the soft water beside the sharp boy.) RE

Geert Vanden Wijngaert
A very nice capture Wilson. Finally a beautiful waterfall pic with a meaning on photonet! The perfect combination of beautiful light, atmosphere, colours together with the storytelling value of this pic makes this a 7/7. Best Geert

Niki Peer
wow...really great colours and clear pic

Didi Damian
7/7 Outstanding

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks folks for all the feedback. I'd never expected this to initiate this much amount of response. McSween & Dave N., noted your suggestions with thanks. I know what y'll sayin'. I'll look in to 'em & fix soon. Appreciate it, ladies and gents. ^_^

Pawel Stradowski
7/7 What more can I say or do to express my opinion?

Stavros Papadakis
amazing amazing concept, i adore it, congratulations

Ken Thalheimer
It's a good shot in itself, but the use of the lighting makes this really an excellent work

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson 7/7 I didn't read the comments, I didn't want to be influenced. This is magic! The depth in the water, the color, and the composition is absolutely wonderful. Great job!

Francesco Martini
magic image..magic light!!!!!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone... Jayme, Stavos, Niki, and Wayne, thanks for your kind words. And for all who was wondering about the reflection of the fall, here's a section of the original, unmanipulationed capture taken with an A80 hand-held (horizontal) propped on a rock sticking out of the water. Notice that the fall was already blured, but the reflection doesn't exactly refects it, even in the original.

Kim Slonaker
Magical, simply magical! Can't get much better than this.

Ranjith Pallegama
Great Very beautifu. I too was in hawaii for one week. But did not have much time for photography. Very unfortunate to have bad weather. I like this image. Very original lighting. Congrats!. Ranjith

Daryl Walter
Fantastic picture Wilsom. Amazing that you managed to get a shot with the little boy in sharp focus.

Mark Berkson
Bringing it all together. Another one of your fantastic shots. Slow shutter speed and waterfalls can be so clich' but you have nailed it right on with this one! You combined your steady hand (handheld? no way... but you did it) with great framing and capture of the golden lighting. Did you turn your camera 90 degrees or did you crop this down in PS? I dig your lava shots too. Looks like a great vacation!

Linda Keagle
Although it has all been said, may I add my congratulations on a perfectly gorgeous capture.....

Peter Tucci
That's what I call magic hour. Of course, I'm sure it lasted only minutes. Gutsy move going to 1-1/2s. I love the movement, sharp subject, backlit pods.

Zacarias Mata

Wilson Tsoi
Mark, Linda, Zachrias, Peter, and Xadnadjev... ..thank you all for your comments, really appreciate them ^_^

simon kim
Nice image and I like natural light. It's really wonderful shot. Perpect 7/7.

nipon intarit
... Nice capture, great colours!

Wilson Tsoi
Krob khun krup, Khun Nipon. ^_^

Dushan B. Hadnadjev
Beautiful image!


Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback, CHRISTA: Glad you like it! KAUR: Very profoundly elaborated and I'm glad it has such the effect on you. Appreciate it. BRAD: Coming from you it's that much more meaningful! SIMON: Thanks for your vote of confidence. DUSAN: Thanks for your kind words. Wilson ^_^

Linda Keagle
Congratulations, Wilson!

John Seward
Heartiest congratulations Wilson. Something for me to 'shoot' for! :)

Christa Thompson
I'm not sure I can have a favorite out of all your pictures because I have so many, but this one definitely tugged at my heart! Just beautiful..

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I'm finally catching up on e-mail. Congratulations, Wilson!!

Wilson Tsoi
Linda, John, Lou Ann, Thanks!

beautiful Wow this is truely beautiful.

Wilson Tsoi
Biliana, RIP, Thank you much for your feedback.

Longtang Lin
camera -- so so photography skill-- 1st class !!!!! you deserve better camera.. :-) LONGTANG JOHN LIN

Emmanuel Enyinwa
The lighting is what makes this image truly a classic.

Will King
Wilson, congrats on winning with this photo. 1.5 seconds hand held. WOW. You must be a robot, or a surgeon with those steady hands. Amazingly sharp considering the circumstances. I think we're going back in maybe a year. I loved it there. It was photographer's paradise. Did you get any shots of the sunrise at Haleakala? Man, I have never had such a difficult time with exposure as I did with sunrise at Haleakala.

Alex Milarakis
A great photo with excellent lighting and composition. Congrats !

Carolyn Dalessandro
Wilson this is B E A U T I F U L !!! It makes you want to go to that place. The lighting is outstanding. Well done!!

Leon Forado
it 's really fantastic

simin p
well done great shot

Rafik Kamel
Very nice composition here, welldone. regards, RK

Emmanuel Enyinwa
I came back to marvel at this image again. Such perfection!


Raymond Borg
An excellent shot. Great composition and superb use of lighting. Congrats.

Wilson Tsoi
"Alone at the Fall." Thoughts, Feedback, Comments? It's tough when forced to categorize pix for critique request. Was gonna say children, nature, nude, etc., but think travel works. Any feedback on the image itself is appreciated. Thanks.

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