"Catch Me if You Can!"

by Tsoi Wilson

catch me if you can seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 13th of August 2004 02:43:47 AM


Igor Laptev
Very nice!

Ken Williams ...
Nice shot Wilson - however - when setting up the tripod it is customary to stand 'behind' it ............ (-;

Ken Beilman
Wils Really like the composition and subject matter. Love the sky and the highlights. ? a little too much saturation in the beach and water. Also, take a look at the contrast viewed large in the leftmost figure.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson I have to totally agree with David. "Planet of the Big People" or "Invasion of the Little People". But I still like it. Can't explain why, but it is appealing. Neat sunset and color.

mondiani .
I'm totally jealous of how good you are in whatever genre you try. The point of view and the freshness of this picture made it. It looks as if it didn't request any efforts any work from you to achieve this. If you can come by my portfolio and provide some comments so I can improve myself I will be thankfull :)


Mondiani party event photographer

Rajeev Thomas
Wonderful light and colors....I like the angle!! 7/7

Pawel Stradowski
7/6 Each time - every time. Every of these sunset shots is wonderful. Cheers

David McCracken
Unusual! Yes For me, I would like this with just the kid on the left. The silhouette of the main character gives the feeling that aliens have landed from the 'Planet of the Big People' and the kid at the back is running away. The big person is just about to turn around and chase him. Regards Speedy

Grace W.
LOL@David, nice imagination! I took a funny pic of a Canada goose in the sky and a boy under it. In the pic, the goose is very much bigger than the boy. Yes, this photo is unusual.

Allon Kira
Excellent comp. and great colors, Wilson!

Howard Dion
Something about how this image in balanced that makes it go beyond the others. Of course another sunset master piece.

I am very sensitive to persons in pictures generally. Often they are "instead of", the photographer doesnt demand anything more from himself. Now, here, the artistic way! RE

Stephen Forsyth
My first instinct was to suggest more space between the children, but then thought better of it, just fine the way it is. Although the kid in the background only appearing to have one arm is a, eh, little distracting. Then again, fits in with the unusual theme. Maybe the Giant bit it off, and he's chancing after him, trying to get it back! Assuming, of course, he's not one armed in real life, in which case, whoops, how embaressing, got to go now...

Daniel Wallenberg
amazing capture really cool like a big giant in the forground I love it ,good job!!

Brian Atondo
Run!! run for your live's For some reson i like this shot. great or good? really not shure, but good job any who.

Thomas Collins
I like the unusual perspective of this shot and the color saturation. Did you take a trip down to Ocean Shores?

Kim Slonaker
Cool perspective. I like it, too.

Regina Chayer
How wonderful to see this shot in Popular Photography! I was so honored as well to see one of my shots next to yours in the same article. You are a true professional in every sense of the word and as I said, I felt honored to be published along side of you. Great shot!

Wilson Tsoi
"Catch Me if You Can!" More Fun in the Sun... May be a bit unusual for most. Would appreciate your thoughts, what works, what doesn't. Thanks.

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