Found on the river.

by Amelkovich Igor

found on the river nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 11th of August 2004 01:36:18 PM


Sergei Sogokon
An excellent work, Igor!! Try to do it in sepia tone - it will add warm atmosphere.Well done!

Jim Swenson
Nice find

Dima Oukhov
... ruka v vode ponravilas' ))

Andy Glogower
Nice catch...what did you use for bait?

Claude R. - Luxembourg / EU
very nice Igor (although I prefer your studio shots)

Doug Johnson
So we were hiking down by the creek today, and when we rounded the corner down near Spangler's Mill...OK, now this is the part of the story I told you you wouldn't believe, but here goes...

Darko Kordovan
77 Very nice "streams and stones".:-)))

Steve Sheppard
Great work Igor, as usual :)

Greg Goldstein
A Mermaid I'm not certain I like the tonality of the print. I'd rather see more silver to replicate the silver in the stones, the look a bit like granite if I guess right. Who killed her and threw her in the river. Is this a homicide photo? :-) Love your work!

Richard Price
nice image. (the title helps.) too bad you lose some deatil to bleaching.

Pernilla Öst
Lovely Some of your photos are just awesome Igor, i've returned to your portfolio many many times... Even though i find many of your nudes disturbing cause i see them as voilent and not soft and beutiful, as the pure humanity is... Some of them are perfect! This one is very nice for example :) Pernilla

Igor Amelkovich
Found on the river. Strange find.

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