Nudist Beach

by Mitchell Alan

nudist beach seeking critique mitchell alan

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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 11th of August 2004 11:41:42 AM


Yaakov Milstain
Great! I remember reading a book long long time ago... the author was compering the desert/dune landscape with a woman... he can use your picture GREAT!

media manipulation
sand dune? great!!! 7/7

Francesco Martini
very original this "landscape"..!!!!!!

rinaldo romani
Compliments! 7/7

Steve Broyles
great crop-- without the nipple it would be hard to tell if this was a person or landscape.

Gabriel Caffrey
Great concept!

Claude R. - Luxembourg / EU
Great! Very good original idea!

Dan Adler

Richard Price

Alex Johnson
Nipple in the desert. Nice work.

Peter Lundberg
Well done, I like this. Nice colors and more than a bit humorous! Regards Peter

Peter Papapetros
Great idea!!! The bodies looks like a desert that every man wants to lie down or sleep. Congratulations!!!

hannibal lecter
awesome Realy its awesome idea, i fell the photo its true

Alan Mitchell
Nudist Beach Just a different view.

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