I`m ready!

by Amelkovich Igor

im ready nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 10th of August 2004 11:55:25 AM


Igor Laptev
Very good!!!!

Dima Oukhov
... í³¬ ï°¿ì® ï¿½î ¢ï¿½åµ ï¿½ï¿½î°®í ®á±­è¬ ë ©)) ... ê«¿â ¡

Jenny Catron
Hmmmmmmm. Well I guess this would fall in the weird category. Im not sure I like your crop here, as I would take off quite a bit from the top, and the straight forward approach I find is not dramatic enough for what should be a very artistic shot.

Tom Beaudreau
I'm ready So, doe the camera in the picture work? I'd be curious to see the subject from that angle. Just kidding. Nice job.

Ken Thalheimer
Completely disagree with Jennifer. The shot is very strong and well done

Blagoy Tsenkulov
Bold and provoking image, Igor! It proves again that the sex in our minds is always stronger than the explicit one. Now you can show us a sequence of two shots - this one and, to the right, the photo you took with this historic camera. :-) A nekotorie kirilcu dazhe ponimayut, Dima, no ne skazhut.:-) Regards. Blago

Jim Swenson
I liked the one where she was facing the camera better.

Don Farra
interesting It just goes to show you that good lighting and subject matter posed differently can result less than perfect responses from people. In the previous image where she is facing the camera I sensed there a connection and story thread. Here that thread is lost, the connection broken and hopefully by design. Maybe a slight variance would have helped, her legs pulled on the table top and back to the camera and facing the same direction to the right of the frame would have been a little better. The thread would be connected again. But that is just me.

Eduard Nikoliqi
7/7 very nice

Steve Broyles
vaguely disturbing, very interesting. The light on her skin is beautiful, the camera seems almost menacing to me nicely done.

David Bradley
Love this seris of images...

David McCracken
And why not! The perfect answer to your earlier post with the same model! BRAVO!

Hugh Watkins
I love this picture! Count me as ready too Hugh

Dima Oukhov
... kirilcu ne ponimayut ((( ... ya napisal, chto ti ee so vsex storon obsnimal )))

Richard Price
Machines and faceless women. . . Where have I seen this before?

Francesca Apollonio
Very asthetically pleasing to the eye!!!!! I love the composition!!!!!!

Philippe Carly
Very provocative and yet not vulgar. I'd love that camera!

Jimmy M.
vignette How does one acheive the great dark vignette as seen in this photo? Wonderful!

Joe Sanford
Masterpiece This photo is so wickedly funny that it transcends your portfolio and it transcends the nude genre. I would not want to look at nudes on Photo.net for long without coming back to this photo and laughing with you. Technically, it is the same high quality as the rest of your work, but this one is a masterpiece. --Joe

Rocky Bergen
I'd like to see a laser beam shoot out of the camera.

Felix Hug
Great There are a lot of great nudes out there. Its a subject that the most photographers enjoy. Your work is indeed of very high standards, but this little series goes a step further. Its unique and with a sense of humor, while still technically perfect and erotic. Yes, I agree.. a masterpiece.

Emil -
Very imaginative! It seems as though the camera is alive... a creature of some sort, with a personality. One of my fav from your gallery.

Leslie Robinson
it works i'm not sure about all the artistic part... because i'm actually not focusing on that right now... i agree with what someone said above though, i would crop more off the top but i fucking love the idea! it's humorous and erotic :) love it

Kombizz Kashani
it seems she is !

Tom Baird

To me, the negative space above the model balances the filled space below in this square format. As with all the photos in the series.  I like it very much.

Igor Amelkovich
I`m ready! END.

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