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Published: Tuesday 10th of August 2004 08:20:47 AM


Todd Laffler
Wilson... First off, great portfolio. Secondly, I just wanted to drop you a note here to tell you I was thumbing thorugh a travel magazine at a friends house the other day when I saw this image as one of the winners.Didn't you win a trip or something from this? Good show, good for you mate. Take care. Todd

Wilson Tsoi
Todd, Thanks for your comment. Likewise, I have always think highly of your work. Yes, got 6 days and 5 nights, meals, and massages for two at the Westin Resort in Pueto Rico. Then again with the huricane on front page lately, we're re-thinking the trip! ^_^

Igor Laptev
Beautiful colors.

Guido Fulgenzi
Stunnig colors,great shot!7/6

careu E
Wonderful photo with superb colors!

Jon C
Wilson, matching and complimenting colors of subject with the flower/plant. (Since nobody has pointed out the top-right part, i guess it is acceptable in general)

Doug Hawks
Really vibrant colors and great detail made even better by the brilliant composition. Great work.

Reto Burri
Absolutely beautiful! Perfect design, wonderful colors - perhaps somewhat oversaturated...

Sergei Sogokon
Colors & composition are amazing!Well done!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson This is almost as good as the new Nikon demonstration image I've seen & read about in one of the recent photography magazines. The colors are electric!

Anis Abdul
Beautiful capture..! and great composition with the space below the gecko...

Yuri Bonder
77 Beautiful!

Jay Patel
Magnificent colors. Beautiful composition. Overall a breathtaking photo.

Ray Wei
What a creative composition. I vote seven/seven with lots congratulations. Great job, Wilson.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
First of all, Yuri knows MUCH more than I do about photography, so ALWAYS defer to him! But ... I must admit that I like the other image better than this vertical presentation of the same subject. The yellow foreground is just a bit too much for me.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your enthusiastic feedback. Lou Ann & Allon, I know what you mean because there are many different ways to crop this one up (a cropper's delight, if you will.) Alec, it's ironic that you should mention Vincent. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this. I'd rather join your group in next outing! (got a chance to scout out Pacific NW a bit this year after your e-mail a while back, but guess you & Bob went south instead. ^_^)

Dave Nitsche
A bit late here but I really love this. The colors are amazing. I am a big fan of different (as is evident from what I shoot) and really like the comp here. Since camoflage is the suggestion here I think is supports the theme by putting the subject off a 'third' and making it harder to locate in the frame. Brilliantly done. I don't think I would ever have thought of this. Just great...

Alec Ee
Awesome colors and composition Wilson. Did you take any shots like Vincent K. Tylor?

Allon Kira
Beautiful colors in this great shot! I agree with Lou Ann, reg. the yellow foreground. but still 7/7! Cheers, allon.

Umit Altun
7:7 A beautiful coloruful photo. Colors and composition very well done!!!

Sarah Underhill
This is great with all the color! Great foreground and cute litle guy.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for taking the time. Appreciate all your feedback. It's interesting to see different people's preferences of various crops. As for the saturation, it's close to the original (can be viewed at the "ways to crop" link above.) BTW Jayme, quite a compliment from you, thanks (I'm all blushed.) This little guy was just radiating with colors.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Kim. Very glad you like it.

Angelo Plessas
Excellent vivid colours in a great composition !!!!!!!!

CT Pehlivan
Awesome Excellent composition with great pov,dof,vivid colors,focus and framing.Well Done.

Crystal Douillette
i love the colors. gorgeous!

Hessa Falaknaz
loved the vibrant colors in this shot!

Carolyn Dalessandro
Beautifully captured.

Ema Popa
Great ! I just love vivid colours!

Rob Raab
Love It! WOW! the vivid colors are really magnetic. as for the top-right corner, I think it adds to the spontaneity of the shot...(no foo-foo setup). Shows you have skills that need to be reckoned.....and the black frame adds to the effect you are putting across

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wlson I just want you to know I truly enjoy your images. They are very inspiring. You are truly a great photographer with wonderful eyes. This image is no exception. Wonderful composition, color, subject, super stuff. :)

Wilson Tsoi
"Camouflaged?" Original Capture of the Colorful Hawaiian Gecko. A colorful Hawaiian Gecko captured in its home plant. Feedback is appreciated.

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