"Iao Needle"

by Tsoi Wilson

iao needle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 10th of August 2004 02:49:30 AM


Kim Slonaker
Makes me want to be there. Great colors and tones.

Ken Beilman
Wilson I've got a shot like this that I've not posted. Yours is much better. I don't agree with the comments posted so far. This shot is not about the locals and the bridge and they don't get in the way of the really nice foreground and background. Technically well done and interesting photo.

Alec Ee
Luscious bubbly stream and beautiful babes! What you need is long lens and you're home free..........ehhh go to the bridge and use a firm tripod. Great mood capture Wilson, love the details on this.

Howard Dion
I missed this. Shame on me. Fantastic dream image. Love it.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for the feedback, David, Massimo, Ken, and Reiner... Tut tut indeed, David! Get closer? Their 2 local guy friends, with an approximate combined weight of 700 pounds, were just sitting off to the right of the frame! Massimo, I guess I should have not mention about the locals at all and just let the viewers be the judge of the content. BTW, this wasn't taken from a path, but from one of the humongous rocks in the stream itself. As for the bridge, contrary to Massimo's opinion, I like it there as it provides more depth, and I feel is an intergral part of this park. Hmmm...if you notice the bridge, then there shouldn't be a problem making out the 2 bathing locals...? Ken, thanks. Reiner, one of their boyfriends would've work as a butler, but I didn't want to get thrown off the bridge! ^_^

Massimo Marengo
I remember the place, I have been there and is quite beautiful. About the photo: I almost didn't see the locals, they are lost in the landscape. You would have had more of a story with a different angle with them more prominent (and closer-up). I suspect that having to stand on the path you coudn't move around too much, but maybe a different angle would have reduced the impact of the green bridge, which spoils the pristine atmosphere of the place.

David McCracken
I don't care! Wilson, I don't care how good this photo is or how good a photographer you are. You deserve bad marks for not getting close ups of the locals! Tut tut!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Alec, Howard, and Kim for your feedback. Appreciate it. I only had the little A80 while taking the kids down to the stream for a swim, so no long tele here... ^_^

Rob Thomas
Details right? Hi, details are advertised to be ISO 50 and 1/2 second. I'm curious if that is right? Maybe 1/20 or 1/200? Other than that, this is one of those photo's that I wonder if it would be better portrait or landscape. Tough one in this case. I might have done it both ways. Maybe you were intentionally cropping out the (ugly) guys to the right? Great picture.

Wilson Tsoi
Rob, thanks for checking this one out. The tech detail is indeed correct. I set it at the A80's widest aperture of f8, (wish it has f22 to blur the water) used aperture priority, dial in a -3 exposure comp, and get a 0"5 (1/2 sec.) shutter speed with ISO 50. Had to use a small tripod for this. I've chosen to go vertical to emphasize the height of the Iao peak, and hopefully the flow of the water.

Wilson Tsoi
"Iao Needle." Anyone for a quick bath? Lots of beautiful scenery in the Iao Valley on Maui. There were many pools where locals and visitors alike can dip in many shallow pools. Anyone for a quick bath?

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