"A Tropical Sunset"

by Tsoi Wilson

a tropical sunset seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 10th of August 2004 02:15:56 AM


Craig Ferguson
Probably the perfect sunset photo.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks to all you "heavyweights" for the enthusiastic feedback. ^_^

Tuhin Saha
looks very good..

Angel Hernandez
Just perfect, Wilson. Let me congratulate you for this shot!!

Nilesh Dhakras
what a picture!! one of the best sunsets i have come across in recent times..actually, the subject is not very unique, and we get to see so many sunset images everywhere...but something is making this picure very special..and IMO, it's the COLORS! what a great light!! simply beautiful. thanks for sharing

Carsten Ranke
Very beautiful, indeed a postcard (at its best). I think the Hawaiian people get accustomed, what a pity... (ok, I`m jealous). Regards, Carsten

Allon Kira
7/6 Amazing colors in this beautiful shot! Rgds, allon.

Dave Nitsche
WOW. Just got here through someone elses image that we both commented on. Man can you capture light!!! I would totally burn up my alotment of 7/7 ratings going through your gallery but probably will. I figure if some can go around giving 3/3 to everything I should be able to put numbers on images that I like. This is a stunning example. Darn this is good photography. Takes a lot for me to get worked up about a sunset, but this does it... Dave

Guido Fulgenzi
Nice color!

Igor Laptev
Nice image and gret colors!

Ray Wei
Yeah, some people have all the fun Very clever to hide the brightest spot of the sun behind the tree and get the perfect silhouet. I call it "shot two birds with one stone and get the stone back" approach. :D One bravo and two sevens.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Okay, Wilson ... when are we allowed to start being envious?!

Rajeev Thomas
Wonderfullly sone!! 7/7!

Howard Dion
I am going to call you Sunset Man! Great shot. Perfect exposure.

Alec Ee
Good clean image. Love the colors and crispness.

Jesús Pizarro
7/6 I am charmed with the tropical late afternoons and this one is a good sample of them. He me remembers those that I have attended in Cuba. Excelent sky colors.Regards.

Thomas Collins
Wilson, I'm starting to look forward to your work! This is very well done! You obviously didn't take that here in Seattle! ;-)

David McCracken
Take another holiday! Wilson, Take another holiday..... give us all a chance! Excellent as always! It is a bit postcard like though.

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson It's like a postcard. It's often seen but this one stands out!

Ken Beilman
Wilson Another really nice one. Does have a postcard look to it since it is so perfect. Interesting how a "looks like a postcard" comment can be interpeted as a positive thing or a negative thing. To me, it is a positive thing. There is nothing wrong with a photo that has mass appeal and does not necessarily trivialize artistic value.

Wilson Tsoi
Tuhin, Nilesh, Jesus, Pawel, Allon, and Carsten, thanks for your comments. I really didn't have a postcard in mind, but this lone palm and setting sun just worked out that way when I tried to compose it best I can. Thanks. ^_^

Vincent K. Tylor
Perfectly composed, splendid gradation of light and colors from bottom to top, and hiding the sun behind the tree like you did prevents this image from being seriously compromised. I might be tempted to lighten so very carefully the mid to upper sky just a bit Wilson. But that's it. Excellent image. 7/6

Wilson Tsoi
Vincent, thanks for your feedback and suggestion. Alway appreciate it. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"A Tropical Sunset." Feedback is appreciated. Can you imagine some people see this almost every evening?!

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