"To Camouflage or Not?"

by Tsoi Wilson

to camouflage or not seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 7th of August 2004 07:20:01 PM


Amy Y.
Beautiful colors and cute gecko. I really enjoy your photos, especially the Paris shots. Thanks for sharing.

Ray Wei
Red dots on Gecko is a master stroke. Great coloration. I also like Ken's crop. Great job, Wilson.

David McCracken
Spoil Sport Wilson, I prefer the crop. While I understand the charm of this photograph, I really don't think it is up to your standard. The missing front leg is a problem for me, as is the out of focus tail. Oh well! Different people like different things! You may not like my crop!

Andy Lim
Wow! Nice one, I love the play of colors.

Wilson Tsoi
Guys, thanks for the input. It's a toss up between Ken's crop and DaveMc's crop....wait, it must be the CANs talking...I'll lean toward Ken's crop then (^_^)

Ken Beilman
Wilson What do you think about cropping the foreground? The colors are fantastic and the subject is really interesting. I realize how difficult these types of shots are, but I would have liked to see more detail in the tail. BTW, I thought Kim Slonaker had exclusive rights to lizard shots :-)

Wilson Tsoi
Tracy, Andy, and Ken, thanks for your feedback so far. Ken, I like your crop suggestion too as it emphasizes him further, but the drawback is that the gecko is smacked in center of frame (too much like a an encyclophedia reference picture.) I felt that the plant (no idea what it's called,) itself is very unique and didn't want to crop it off any further (original capture is vertical, with even more yellow leaf in forground.) Anyway, may be I'll meet you half way, cropping off somewhere in between. ^_^

Howard Dion
V E R Y H O T : Unbelievable capture. I agree with the crop recommendation. Just an amazing shot. Wilson, great job.

Gabriella Lucia
Amazing color.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Max. Isn't that funny sometimes we second guess ourselves, go around in a complete circle, and found the answer at the starting point. I think I'll post the "original capture" version up. I took the original capture that way because a.) I love the plant that he was hanging out in, and b.) I wasn't able to get close enough to fill the frame anyway.

Max Haynes
Actually I like the original image best, the cropped version second and your version last! How strange, anyway, the uncropped version is about more than the lizard, I think that's why I like it. It goes from blended abstract to gecko, I like the transition, it tells me more about the world. Max

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you Pawel and Carsten for voting for this version. ^_^

Hashim A
To Camouflage, Or Not to Camouglage The cropped and the un-cropped. Both outstanding. Reminds me of day-glo play-doh from childhood or the multi-colored fluorescent markers we come across. Very nicely done.

Carsten Ranke
7/7 Really stunning colors, and an interesting motif - I prefer the "landscape" version here. The crop question, hmmm... Yes, a bit a the bottom, not as much as in Ken`s example. Great capture anyway. Regards, Carsten

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson Very nice photo and I like it very much. The quality is perfect. I would possibly just crop a little from the bottom

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Amy, and Hashim for your feedback. I makes my day when someone enjoy my portfolio, Amy. Hashim, I'm glad I'm able to bring back some of your childhood memory. Thanks for getting back, Kim. I did suspect that was the case with shallow DOF and the reason why several of your lizzard shot has more of a head-shot approach (kind of like formal animal portraiture.) Appreciate your sharing, Kim. ^_^

Kim Slonaker
FINALLY back online - came home on Friday to NO Internet! I love the vivid colors in this, but I have to say the out-of-focus tail bothers me a bit, too. It's very difficult to get good focus on these little critters because they are so long. Most of mine aren't totally sharp from one end to the other, which is why I get creative with the angles I take the shots at. With this one, I think it was important to get the markings on him and I do like your original cropping the best. I like the bit of yellow at the bottom, with the orange middle and green lizard at the top.

Wilson Tsoi
"To Camouflage, Or Not to Camouglage" (Gold Dust Day Gecko of Hawaii) Don't come across creature like this in my home town. Its color just blew me away!

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