"Aaahhhh, Maui!"

by Tsoi Wilson

aaahhhh maui seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 7th of August 2004 03:37:30 PM


Wilson Tsoi
Lou Ann, I was working like a slave as a wedding photog. Soooo unbearable, this Maui place, so I passed out and fell unconcious on the beach as you see here. Terrible, I tell you. Howard, every now and then we just gotta post something funky and different just to lighten up the air, I know that you'd be the one who understand it the most. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Indraneel, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it,) there wasn't a girl in string bikini lying next to me, and Ken, nor did I receive any therapeutic pedicure (already told you need not envy ^_^.)

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Isn't the fact that this shot was taken in MAUI enough to create envy!!?? :-) Regards!

Howard Dion
Very creative and different and strange. Excellent composition and exposure.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Nice! Love the view!

Indraneel Majumdar
Extremely good thing that it's not a nude!! OTOH, I wouldn't mind if this was taken by the girl lying next to you! Very well taken and nice portfolio.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Cute! Very creative. Nice looking feet. Did you get a pedicure while you were there?

Kim Slonaker
Love the angle on this one. I feel like I'm right there (although my legs aren't quite as hairy). :)

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Jayme for your kind words and Kim for commenting on my legs. ^_^

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson What a good idea. I wish I was there right now

Wilson Tsoi
Pawel... ...if you were here, then I'll end up with four legs! ^_^

Matt Pearson
Where's the Corona???

Wilson Tsoi
Sorry, Matt. It was like 8:30 am watching the kids play at the beach (at least with one eye anyway.) Thanks for checking it out. ^_^

Matt Pearson
Yeah, what was it, $28 - $30,000? I grabbed it from eBay for around $550 (with a charger [which is apparently rare], 2 card readers, a 520MB card, a 170MB card, a Quantum 5 battery [which is still around $250], and a full manual). It is huge and heavy and doesn't have ideal battery life, but i can squeeze off 700 images with the quantum battery and I added a 2GB card... it's not too bad (and I get to use my AIS lenses!!). Anyway, if I were starting from scratch, sure, I would get a newer DSLR :-) But, hey, like any nikon product, it could come in handy in hand-to-hand combat. :)

Matt Pearson
That camera has great color rendition. Did you tweak it at all? I love my DCS 460 (the OLD kodak + Nikon N90 monster) but I find that i have to end up desaturating most of my pictures becasue it can do odd things with colors under some circumstances...

Wilson Tsoi
Hi, Matt. Not much really. For this shot, other than cloning out extra sailboat, all I did was couple clicks of "unsharp mask," adjust for a tad more warmth (simulate a warming filter) in "color balance," increased "saturation" by a value of 5. That's it. BTW, that DCS 460 is a monster (so was the price tag then!) I feel for you. ^_^

Carolyn Dalessandro
Aaaaahhhhh! And wow comes to mind...each of your photos are WOW's or Aaaahhh...wish I were there about now..beautiful work.

Wilson Tsoi
"Aaahhhh...Maui," Relaxing in the Tropic (Good Thing It's Not a Nude!) Lets take a break. Excuse the hairy legs and the yellow swim trunk if they had offended you. Take a deep breath and, "relaaaaxxxxx...." ^_^

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