"Where It Meets the Sea"

by Tsoi Wilson

where it meets the sea seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 6th of August 2004 01:45:10 AM


Jim Swenson
Great intensity

Gabriella Lucia
What a scene to experience.

Christopher Appoldt

David McCracken
Not the Wilson I know! Didn't recognise this as one of yours. It is interesting probably because I had no idea what it was from the thumbnail..... Maybe the beer hasn't quite worn of yet!

Gaetan Chevalier
Great colours and contrast.

Wilson Tsoi
Aloha, Brah... ...Vincent, you were the guy on the beach closest to the heat, ya? I also wish I got there BEFORE sunset to get a more balanced lighting (not having been there before, I was skeptical of walking down there,) but had to yield to the "family activities," (we travel like a large tribe, 2 truckloads full, and in the progress of buying some flashlight, I was held hostage in Hilo Walmart...sigh...) I swore I told them ladies 50 times that morning, "we gotta get to the lava before sunset," like deft ears, I tell you. Had we gotten to the spot, I would have been able to find my way down to the beach, get closer, and may be even get to meet you in the crowd based on your portrait, you know, but nnnooooo....shop, shop, shop. Oh well, at least YOU will have some decent balanced image to post (very, very good thing,) coz all of a sudden my ankles and toes jumped up and yelled out at the same time, "We ain't going back there again, boss!" Vincent, you're a lucky dude for basing on the islands, now that's something to be envied about! It's very sad to me that it's all dried up now, except for higher elevation. Mahalo Bro. ^_^

Ken Beilman
Wilson Once I knew what this was, it made sense to me. Without a description though, I had no clue. So now I know where you went when you left town. I'm envious. Love Hawaii, what an awesome place.

Howard Dion
Wilson Beside the contrast, colors, and obvious flow...explain more about this image. Did you carry a tripod, was it hand held. More info about why you took the shot. More info, more info, more info.

Wilson Tsoi
Hi Ray, I would not recommend NPH for landscape (low saturation and contrast emulsion for wedding.) Although its resolution is as good as any other 400 speed print films, I'd still say Velvia 50, Provia 100 (for less saturation) for landscape when you shoot chrome, and Superia 100, Reala 100 for prints. Portra 400UC is my most favorite film as it's very saturated , deal with skin tone very well, high resolution, and flexibility of 400 speed.

Erik Adams
You don't need to go back, not to improve on the photo, anyway. I like the diagonal aspect to the flow and the illumination of the water.

Wilson Tsoi
...MORE INFO, MORE INFO, MORE... Thank you everyone for all your feedback. Hmmmm...Howard, I'm sure I mentioned in detail that I used a tripod and the exposure time of 6 seconds. Anyway, the background is I was asked to take wedding photos (neighbor's niece) on Maui (Makena, south of Wailea,) so figure to make a family vacation out of it. We (wife, 2 kids, and neighbor's family, they have 2 kids as well,) made a side trip to the Big Island, hoping to witness once-in-a-life-time occurance; live lava flows. Thought that after our kids saw Mt. St. Helen, they will truly appreciate Hawaii's version. We all hiked one hour (one way) over the hardened lava landscape to see the flow meet the Pacific ocean. It was completely dark by 8pm when we reached the spot (wish we get there earlier to see the day time activity as well.) I took this picture knowing that I may never get a chance to do this again (especially considering the hike at night!) Never shot lava flow before, so I tried my best to compose and make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible (managed a big "Z" out of it.) I wish I was able to get the Goddess "Pele" on the image somehow, but I heard you have to be super lucky! All in all, it was a nice "family vacation" trip, (Ken, don't be envious, I didn't do any diving or UW photography,) and feel very thankful for our neighbor (Dave, Joan, Malia, Ian, you guys are "Da Bestest!") and their Hawaiian connection. Mahalo. BTW, if there's any other question, please ask again. ^_^

Umit Altun
6:7 Really beautiful and interesting picture. Very well done!!!

Ray Wei
Superb Wilson, I like this one a great deal. One question for you: how would you rate NPH 400 on resolution? I read good reviews and test reports on it, but I have never used it. I replaced my F80 with F100 recently for landscape and I am cherry-picking films. Thanks.

Wilson Tsoi
...70 Pound Bag, Are You Serious? Whoa, can't blame the young guy for turning down carrying your bag! Can a F5, a 2.8 telezoom, a 2.8 wide zoom, couple primes, tripod, filter set, and a brick of Velvia really be that heavy? It's great to know though that you're doing this as a serious profession. I'll bet that going out in the field doing shoots, and to a certain degree, editing, are whole lot more fun than marketing, sales, maintenance, etc. side of the equation. Since you've been on the islands for a while, I don't suppose you know Brad Davis in person as well? I can imagine how the benefit of balanced lighting (as you've described) has on the lava & wave shots from his work (some are more remarkable than others.) While browsing through his prints at Mauna Loa Mac Farm giftshop (ladies and the girls ended up taking 2 hours buying pearls, go figure) I was wondering if I'll ever come across your prints on the islands. IMHO (and I'm sure most in PN,) your work is consistently excellent, so I thought that for sure I'd see some for sale in giftshops (I guess you do most of your business through website.) Anyway, should I be planning a future Hawaii trip, I'd be sure e-mail you. OTOH, should you plan a PacNW trip again, do let me know. Meanwhile, I look forward to more of your beautiful work (can't wait to see those lava shots!) Take care and see you around the site, and many Mahalo!

Vincent K. Tylor
Dont feel too bad Wilson, nowadays when I travel the other islands to shoot, I just leave the family at home! Live and learn I reckon. The reason I just kept shooting so many rolls, was because I DID NOT want to have to do that hike again. Had I known exactly what gear I'd be using ahead of time, I would have consolidated and brought ONLY that. However, because I did not know what to really expect this time, I brought my entire bag, plus water, snacks, waist pack and tripod...you get the picture. I had many symathetic stares during the trek.... One 16 year kid I met on the beach when shooting even offered to carry the bag back at about the halfway point after passing me on the trail during a much neede break. I pointed to the bag and said THAT one, go ahead. I cant repeat the exact words he used ...but I carried my own bag.... When I first arrived on the scene in broad daylight, I did not have the nerve to cross the line down to the beach since there were so many people already camped out waiting (which was actually a good thing because i also caught some interesting daylight images as well as twilight and even a few wide angle sunsets). However just as the lighting was about to leave for good, I noticed that teenager (same one that later did NOT take my bag even though he offered!) down on the beach. I just had to find some way down which was NOT easy to do, but did eventually happen. My first series of shots down on the beach were probably the most colorful. After that, it was too dark for anything but real close-ups which only a few turned out rather nice. Yes, I was the one PARKED with my tripod closest to the actual flow at the beach edge. For some reason I found a sweet spot right on the edge and a bit up on the rocks. Others would join me (just below to the left) only to get smashed with the waves and leave. One after another would get drenched. I figured my turn would come, but must have just been barely high enough up. Last night after seeing this and posting my comment here, I went back to the lightbox and finished up a first edit on the full 25 rolls (14 lava, rest were misc...Akaka Falls etc..) Hopefully by this week I will pull four or five different images from this shoot for scanning. One thing (not to make you feel worse...sorry) about getting there early, is that each change of lighting gives you practically an entirely different set of images. I really liked that. My close-ups all have a similar look to this one here, but the BEFORE sunset, the DURING sunset and even the last light captures are all VERY different. At any rate now that I am home and comfortable I can say the entire experience is what makes this profession enjoyable. Never gets boring. Too bad we missed each other. Perhaps next time?? Hopefully, there will NOT have to be a next time for me!! If so, remember less gear and leave others behind! Many mahalos. PS- I already saved this long winded comment so when I finally do post one, I wont be repeating myself.....aloha.

Maria Conversano
Exellent. I like the contrast btw the dark and the fire too.

Ray Wei
Portra 400UC Thanks, I used Reala 100, Velvia 50 and I will take Portra 400UC as you suggested for the speed. I read good review on Portra 400UC as well. Thank you.

Vincent K. Tylor
Aloha Wilson. I recognized this the second I saw it. Why?? Because I have been editing my 14 rolls of lava/ocean film from this exact location all week long. And yes, the one hour hike WITH my 70lbs of gear over broken lava fields was painful. The next day my shoulders (from big backpack) and legs were *feeling it* to say the least. What is even more interesting is that I was there from just before sunset -around 6pm- up until 10:15 PM, (and that does not include the one hour hike each way) on Wednesday July the 28th. The exact same day and time your tech details say you took this. In other words did we run into each other? I have this exact shot as well. To catch it I had to cross over the roped sections and climb down onto the beach itself. Most all of mine were also with the 80-200 with the 2x coupler. Pretty wild ride wasn't it? From what I have seen so far, the best images were captured actually immed after sunset, while there was still a measure of lighting to soften the image and contrast a good bit. I too have many close-ups after dark like this one here that will work, but none quite as dramatic and colorful as when the golden light allowed for a more aesthetically rich image. I will hopefully get done with editing those and have a few scanned and posted hopefully sometime this month. I am certain that while you were shooting this, I was the guy as close up as you could possibly get with my tripod as well. I talked to several people including a few families, but do not recall meeting you....at least according to your self portrait. Did you catch any with Velvia?? Looks forward to seeing a few more from this. By the way, the Banana Delta (what this place is officially called) is completely dried up now. No lava into the ocean at all. Here, check this link out, is the official current update of the lava flow. http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/kilauea/update/main.html Be sure to scroll down and look at Don's pics each day. Take care... Hope you enjoyed the islands. Aloha.

Kim Slonaker
Wow, I could feel the heat looking at this one. Enjoyed your story of how this was taken and also Vincent's. Weird that you two almost met!

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson It's an abstract, but good enough to make a poster. Somehow it's a little far from a photo, but I like it

Vincent K. Tylor
"the one hour hike WITH my 70lbs of *GEAR* over broken lava fields was painful." You're too funny Wilson. No, my bag alone was not 70 lbs, but altogether the gear I brought with me was very close to that. This attachment is for fun! The total weight is almost 70 lbs. Next time I will lessen it all to some degree. Although I did use both camera bodies and all but my widest (17-35) lens. So maybe I will travel heavy again IF there is a next time! The Big island is our weakest island at this time in terms of sales. We are currently in only 18 fifferent gallery/shops on that isle. Kona is where most of the people visit and is where we are in the most locations. The Volcano House Gift shop (in Volcanoes Natl. park) is a good location for us, you must not have made it into that place. Hilo Hatties is perhaps our best account in all Hawaii. You had to have made it there...or at least the girls did. Brad Lewis (not Davis) is a good friend of mine. We have met and keep in touch on a regular basis. In fact until catching my own lava images, we licensed the use of his for one of our souvenir products. The only other photographer we have ever done biz with. He is the worlds best in my opinion. Here is his own website. Amazing work from the volcano. http://www.volcanoman.com Drom an e-mail if you ever make it to Kauai. Would be happy to show you around for an afternoon. Aloha.

Mark Berkson
Wilson and Vincent Great photo and nice conversation! I was there in June and there was a guy standing next to me who trekked across the lava carrying his French horn. He played a serenade to the goddess as the sun went down... what a surreal scene.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for posting the pix, Vincent, but where are you moving to? (just kidding ^_^.) Brad Lewis' work is quite amazing, and so is yours. See you around (literally now.) Kim thanks for your feeback, always appreciate it.

Wilson Tsoi
Happy new year guys . . . Jay, I remember that it was just about under an hour each way, depending how close of a parking space you get to the round-about. Once in a life time experience, really. I had my 8-year-old girl, 11-year-old boy, wife, mother-in-law, neighbor's family (mom, dad, 2 kids similar ages,) walking out there and back. We got a late start, so I missed that nice light, but Vincent got it covered. ^_^ I'd say check that website that Vincent posted up for volcanic activity (USGS?) BTW Jay, if you go, do make sure that each person carries his/her own flash light with fresh batteries and a bottle of water. Visibility is zero on the return trek after sunset. On the hindsight, I'd also recommend a rain parka just in case it starts to rain. ^_^

Joe Orsak
Wow Wilson, GREAT shot. Vincent is on my favorites list as well. You both have managed fantastic shots and how cool that they were both on the same day. Small world eh?

Jay Patel
Ok...I am curious, how far was the hike? Very nice shot Wilson!

Vincent K. Tylor
I can't say I remember exactly how long the hike was Jay...perhaps two miles. Now, the hike is 2.5 miles to the flow...and there is currently no ocean entry. Fine with me too. Aloha.

Wilson Tsoi
"Where It meets the Sea," Hawaiian Lava Flow at Night. By the time we get there, it was already dark. Luckily nobody was hurt getting back to the car. Hope you'll enjoy this capture, coz I'm not walking back there any time soon! (What a spectacle though.)

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