"Fun in the Sun"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Thursday 5th of August 2004 03:07:49 AM


David McCracken
Good Yes Wilson. You have a following! The flare is mildly distracting. Seems you are on a roll of 'figures in their own shadow.' Nothing wrong with that!

Howard Dion
Wilson, you are the photographer of the sun. This is one of the more interestimg shots.

Stephen Forsyth
Let's hope I get the wording of this right, 6/6. This is original, atmospheric, and the flare drops the A rating from a 7 to a 6, just as others have said. However, for me personally, the originality of the concept actually works against the photo somewhat. You have more art training than I do( which is none what-so-ever), so take this for what its worth, and try to think of better wording for it, but I suppose when you try something original like this, the concept has to be spot-on, otherwise it just doesn't work, whereas a less original concept would, simply because of lower expectations. Do you see what I'm getting at? This concept is almost there, but, for me at least, not quite there. Whether its a simple matter of removing the flare, or changing positions of the main objects, the pose of the figure... whatever, no idea personally what would work. Others will disagree with me, which is fine. Not so much a criticism, as a 'tweak'. Did any of that make the least bit sense? Maybe it is the pose? The word that came to mind was 'violent', but that's to strong, not what I'm trying to say at all...

Erin Albertson
Fantastic Shot. Well done. I'm green with envy.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
7/7 There is absolutely NOTHING about this image that bothers me. I usually don't like sunset/rise images, but this one is fabulous!! I love it, Wilson!!

kristin morales
This is a fabulous photo and fun indeed...lens flare doesn't bother me...it has what I like in it....a kid.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, really appreciate, ladies and gents. Stephen, thank you for taking the time, I DO know what you mean. These silhouette images can be quite tricky to make them "click" mainly due to the fact that there are not as many elements to clue the viewers. Indeed it would be cleaner to remove the flare altogether, which I did contemplate. However, since I'm shooting directly into the sun, and hoping to achieve a more fun, spontaneous feel (PN can get too serious sometimes,) I refrained and left it as close to the original as possible. I aniticipated that the flare will have mixed feeling here, so had asked that very question on the critique request. Now I know, thanks ^_^

Helene McGinnis
The flare bothers me a LITTLE... Just because it draws my eye away from the very interesting figure.

Pnina Evental
Very Wilson Tsoi.... the sun is a bit distructing, the figure is great. 6/6. Pnina

Eric Alper
nice colors and action. well captured

Mike Hathaway
great sence of motion

Amar Khoday
Interesting imagery with the sun so large. The child looks like he has emerged from the sun and entered the world, yes albeit partially grown up.

Pawel Stradowski
7/7 Dynamic, original, moody, sharp, soft, delicate and confident at the same time. That's what I call a good photo! Cheers

Rick Barrow
amazing. this works so well. congratulations on a fantastic image.

Wim Ipenburg
Fun for who? Wilson, what you captured is amazing. Thanks for sharing these fun! 7/7

Stephen Forsyth
Now that I've had a little more time I think I've figured out my problem with this. Its not the flare that really bothers me, but the pose. I haven't been to the sea that much, so I guess my view of it is more stereotyped. The intention of this composition is a sense of fun, but to me it looks as though he's running in panic. And yes, embaressingly enough, I am thinking of Jaws here. That movie has a lot to answer for, not least for all the shark hunting... still, isn't it interesting when someone see's exactly the opposite of what you were intending to suggest. Admit it, you cloned out the fin, didn't you! HE HE...

Umit Altun
7:6 Wilson, Beautiful dynamic shot!!! Colors and composition very good...

Ken Beilman
Wilson Very striking photo with a lot of elements to it. The dynamic range of lighting is superlative. Lens flare doesn't bother me at all. Another great photo.

Wilson Tsoi
....here's the original, Stephan... ...indeed, a Great White was PS out for a "PG rating"...^_^

Roberto P
Great shot Wilson. Very imaginative and well executed. Congrats!

Alec Ee
Flare? What flare? Hardly visible! Love the action and also "Jaws" original.

Abdullah AlQahtani
7/7 Excellent coloration ,,,great work

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Kristin, Wim, and Alec... ...for your feedback. The flare exists right below the sun. I thought that for this image, it's probably fine to leave it as is.

jaime segura
To me this is the best picture of your portfolio best regards

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you Abdullah and Jaime for your feedback. Appreciate it.

Cyril Psenica
Earth Wind an Fire

Like it a lot

Wilson Tsoi
"Fun in the Sun," Just got to cheer up! Feedback is appreciated. Does this work? Does the flare bother you? Thanks for taking the time.

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