Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Jay Patel
Awesome colors once again. Great concept too.

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Excellent!

cubes? makes me love the rubix cube again; surprising colors!!! Denice

Kimberly J
& That is amazing. I love it!

Frank Caliri
7/6 - You annoy me... Great work...always consistant,...it annoys me.... Great shot!....Bye.

Alan Cheng
Francis Cheng It is just amazing

Dan Roman
Ice Cube The composition is perfect. Nothing to add, nothing to comment... Have you published it before ? I'm sure i have seen a similar photo before...

Ric Marder
nICE so crisp and stark. anyone notice the face next to the top right white square?

Pitman Lee
Wow! i cant explain it, but my eyes luv this picture! 8-)

Alex Milarakis
Amazing photo, simply excellent !

Amanda Ferrell

So vibrant,excellent

Stephan Dietrich
n ICE ly done! 7!/7! WOW - - nICE work! Awesome color, DOF, pattern, design, concept and originality! Simple and perfect 7s!

Darice Nosse
Artistic Play I can't tell if I am smiling right away because of the immense talent displayed here or because I feel like a little girl again. Or maybe both! The water that frames this rubix cube is just stunning. How the heck did you do it?! Bravo!

Hector Leon

Barry Stoch
Alright, someone has to say it. Very cool Dave!!! :-)))

Marvellina Chow
Amazing!! Thinking outside the box!!!

Karen Miner
Amazing color and concept. WOW :)

Gergely J
Excellent photo I like it.

Fe Kach
Firstly, i have to apologize that I could not give any critic about technic etc since i am just a beginner, but your picture reminds me of one of Mondrian's painting and for me that's enough! I love it :-) regards.

mike smith
I am confused why this is being displayed as a photo? Or why this is under the title of top photographs? If this was digital manipulations I would say sweet. but this is not a photograph. I am only going by your comments from another post....if this has no photoshop involved or any of your other pictures I'll eat my shorts. Also if your that good of a photographer please allow me to come watch you work for a day on how you create these unmanipulated pictures. http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=3261446 The rubik's cube looks very pixelated...for someone who claims to not do much photoshop I am very confused. Please shed some light on this confusing matter.

Dave Nitsche
My images only use basic software techniques. Levels, USM, some dodging and burning, I will clone out dust spots because I hate cleaning my sensor and I will use noise removal software because I shoot primarily with a Canon 1D which is noise prone. Don't know how to shed light on it for ya. I use some pretty crazy lighting techniques that I've stumbled across over the last 4 years and they help give my images a certain look I guess. But yes, this is a photograph and I take huge pride in the fact that all my images are. I've worked my butt off to get them to this level and have spent way too much time doing so. hahahahaha...

Anete Benta
I like. It's interesting and as longer i'm watching as much I like it.

Isobel F
It's amazing! I absolutely love it!!

ben liddle
excellent concept! i feel it should be a little less saturated in the cube, but that is probably my uncalibrated monitor. I love the monochromacity of the rest of the image- captures the coldness and unforgiving of the ice. bottom left corner is a bit too static- a little more bubbles in the ice would balance the image as a whole.

hooman moradi
nice nice.................

toni smith

Charles .
in the thumbnail it looked liked the rubik's cub flying through water which was pretty interesting, but on full view & from the title it looks like ice. Theres no excuse for the pano format and weak composition now. The border and sig on this is particularly distracting.

David Israel
I Love it!!! Sharp, Creative and clear... not to mention colorful and intresting!! Great work, Keep inspiring us photographers!! David

Elisabeth Butterfly
Good composition, almost perfect i dare to say, consistant work in a great shot, amazing result, rather graphical, eyes will smile. From the advertising point of view... Hells bells it's great Dave! Please do continue... ;-)

Randy Centero
That's cold! GREAT use of applicable color, and light!! BEAUTIFUL work!

Bernard Argenal
Great great shot! Composition, Color, Terrific! Regards!

Ali Ertürk

christine moody
I've never looked at a rubix cube for so long in such awe. wow.

Sauciuc Gabriela
7/7 excellent!

Marlon Feldherr
Amazing...I love it.

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