What are you waiting for?

by Amelkovich Igor

what are you waiting for nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Saturday 31st of July 2004 01:10:02 PM


Phillip Filtz
I know pulled the trigger when I see 'em ;)

Steve Sheppard
Love your stuff Igor but this one is kind of "ehhh"....

Dima Oukhov
Super Barby ))))

Tom Meyer
very self referential. "My what a big camera you have, Igor!"... t

George (call it like I see it) Peterson
Thoroughly entertaining - congratulations. George.

David McCracken
Is fine! Very good indeed but the earlier upload on the same theme was better.

Dave Foster
Igor, as always, your photo is superb. I am a little confused by the gesture and the direction in which the model is looking, but the light and skintone is wonderful and the camera has become a whole seperate 'being' in the photo. It's Great!!! My Best, DF.

Mr. G
nice camera

Walter Iglesias
Great shot as usual. What format is that camera of?

Oliver Reichenauer
I like this one :-) Nice light on the body and eye catching proportion between camera and model. Oliver

renz sevilla

A Bell
Man Look at that Camera!

Stavros Papadakis
originality? creativity? dear igor, most of your photos are really beautiful, i believe that there are no pictures/paintings/persons that are identical but to be honest with you, i wonder how much original/creative are your pictures. it seems to me that you had shot 1000 photos once many years ago, you are now "dead" or lost and someone else has found your photos and keep sending one or two of them every week, it reminds of the movie SIMONE with Al Pacino. in other words, it seems to me that you are a great photographer but you have to "experiment" with something else. something else, as gauss used to say, i do my best to get the best of an idea/problem/whatever and then i forget it and i try something completely different. By the way, i wonder how someone keeps rating your photos with 7/7 after having seen more than 4-5 of your photos (i used to do it when i first saw your photos but i dont want to rate them anymore and my ratings this time wouldnt be 7/7) I would like to hear your response and of course see some "new" photos from you.

Felipe Espinosa
Wonderful! Love the view camera!

joshua ellis
this is really nice!

Igor Amelkovich
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