colored leaf #2

by Rabinowitz David

colored leaf seeking critique rabinowitz david

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Friday 30th of July 2004 01:05:05 AM


David Rabinowitz
David great idea, i like what you did with the image. I don't know how to add frames to the photo. Can it be done in photoshop??

David Miller
The local contrast enhancement tweak is described at You can use Photoshop alone to create frames by using the Canvas Size... command in the Image menu - just add areas of white, black, or any color to the outside of the image. For your image I used a Photoshop action called "FM Frames" available at for a few dollars.

David Rabinowitz
David thanks for the advice!

David Miller
Constructive criticism? OK. Would a "Very well done." and a pat on the back suffice? That is one colorful leaf and I couldn't think of much else to do with it except maybe Thom Knoll's local contrast enhancement tweak, a tad bit of noise reduction, some rotation, and a frame. Like so...

Alec Ee
Lovely details

David Rabinowitz
please critique This is the 2nd version of this leaf against a dark background. I would really appreciate some constructive criticism on this piece. Thanks! David

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