Spase of desires # 9

by Amelkovich Igor

spase of desires nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 29th of July 2004 03:33:57 PM


Vladimir Meshkov
Nice composition from the endless subject. but 7/7

Igor Laptev

Dusan Stanic
Nobady mentions models Pitam se samo gde uspevas naci modele Igore? Veliki deo tvog fotografisanja moras priznati je na "njihovim ledjima"... I just wonder where do you find your models, Igor? It seems to me that their will and "strength" to participate in you foto sessions are the crucual part of your work.

Eddy Montreal
EXCELLENT! The concept, the composition, framing, light...EVERYTHING.

Billy Baldwin
While I gave you a 1 for originality, I gave you a 7 for Aesthetics....Because she gives me dirty thoughts.

John Zyrlis
So well lit, so well framed, so well.... done!

Rashard Walls
WOW!!!! If I wasn't married, this would be hanging on my wall.....

zurStrafeBarbie punishmentBarbie
:-) what is she doing,
i'm a little catholic girl,
i don't understand :-)

Martin Peterdamm photo|design
Martin Peterdamm photo|design

Igor Amelkovich
Spase of desires # 9 Studio

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