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by Peri John

jo nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 23rd of July 2004 03:12:11 PM


Jim Swenson
Looks good to me.

Christo Stankulov
Like it very much!! Christo

harold martin

anne knes
Fantastic John !!!!!!!!!!

John Peri
Tim, please don't hesitate to give that 2 next time. I need a balanced view here in order to evaluate the general appeal of a picture. Yes, it is meant as a glamour photo obviously and, as such, some may find it appealing and others not.

David Vorland
Tim, no offense intended, but I don't see anything in your portfolio that indicates you can practice what you preach. Perhaps you haven't posted the good stuff yet?

David Vorland
I guess I just expected to see more of the principles you espoused to John in your own work, regardless of the subject. But don't pay a great deal of attention to my opinion ... I'm no expert myself. And I'm biased in favor of John's approach to his work.

Els Wetting
John, I like this very much, and it is forbidden to say wow, or beautifull anymore. So why do I like it because it is just beautifull, there are a lot of 'rude' people here on PN, but also a lot off nice people, don't forget this. Els

John Peri
RE: Tim B. I have been away for a while and have not been able to follow the exchanges. As evidenced from both my replies to you above, it is not true that I do not like to receive negative comments regarding my photos. What I do dislike profoundly however is people that make personal statements about mine and other person's thoughts and likings. That is not the purpose of this site and such rude opinions should be kept to oneself.

Howard Dion
John, how you been? Well, I hope. Of course this image works. Interesting enough, the props make all the difference in the world. Without them, the image would be average. With them, you DIFFERENTIATE your work. Regards, Howard

Jim Hayes
John WOW! Sorry, just had to say it. Hope you are well, and having a wonderful holiday. We miss you. Be well.

Bilal Zaheer
what a perfect beauty! and how well captured! wonderful work as always John.

Felix Diaz
Very good, John. I prefer these that have the plain background.

Rasmus Lindersson
Very beautiful!

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady 3 I am not opposed to posting full frontal nudity, as long as the photo has charm, it is aesthetic and it does not risk being perceived as gratuitous. I hope this photo qualifies.

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