"Cool Blue (Patriotically Futuristic)"

by Tsoi Wilson

cool blue patriotically futuristic seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 22nd of July 2004 07:52:46 AM


Gabriella Lucia
Nice idea

Rostislav Svoboda
Ugly! State symbol as an object of art :( how shallow ..

Maria Conversano
Great idea. Original!

Adriana Di Pietrantonj
good reflection.

Howard Dion
Excellent. Like the flag. It makes the image.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Nice shot. Agree with Howard about the flag.

Alec Ee
Interesting reflection Wilson.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Ken for backing me up. ^_^ Thanks Lou Ann for your kind words, did you just got back from a cruise? Haven't see you around lately.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Okay ... I keep liking each of your pictures more than the last one. This is also a fabulous image. I just placed a link to it on my most recent. The blues are wonderful, the flag catches that little catch in my heart, and the arches add the final touch for balance. Wonderful!!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Hi Wilson! Not a cruise, but I have been travelling. I'm a teacher ... summer vacation ... etc. I still have a few weeks and a couple of road trips left to go. :-) I'll be around, though, on and off, until school starts again at the beginning of September. Regards!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback, even for Rostislav. I'm just curious though, had the flag been of different design (instead of US flag, which happens to be MY HOME,) say perhaps of your own nation, would you feel any differently, Rostislav? I hope you're not confusing art and symbolism as I don't pretend to be Dan Brown writing, "Da Vinci Code."

Ken Beilman
Bravo Wilson Good for you in responding to a shallow comment alleging a shallow photo. As you pointed out, apparently Rosti has a problem distinguishing art from politics. The flag adds significantly to the photo with its lines and colors and placement.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Lou Ann. Hope to see more of your work before school starts!

Wilson Tsoi
"Cool Blue," Patriotically Futuristic (Pacific Science Center,) Thoughts? Would appreciate your feedback. Taken at Seattle Center, a reflection of Pacific Science Center off of Children Theatre.

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