write your name in the sky

by . Foureyes

write your name in the sky seeking critique foureyes

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Category: Nature

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Published: Thursday 22nd of July 2004 04:24:57 AM


Pioles Cramponis
Great shot. Love that leg! :-)

Umit Altun
7:7 Excellent work!!! Wonderfull...Regards.

Scott Cromwell
I really like this 4eyes. I've been staring at it for about 5 minutes now.

saul moreno
Mirror Image This is an awesome picture, I love the glassy water. The Leg makes this even better. I Love It!! Good Job

William Lawless
Including the rail and person is good.

Peter Jones
Your inclusion of the leg does it for me as well. It gives me the impression of tranquility while watching the sunset, rather than it merely being a picture of a sunset. It's a beautiful image, color and composition.

Ches Hamill
Nice composition!

Igor Laptev
Very nice shot!

Didi Damian
The inclusion of the human element really makes this beautiful sunset stand out.

Peter Bilitch
Looks like the sky was created by a stroke from a giant's paintbrush. The reflections seem to double the beauty. Everything is well positioned within the frame and this aspect is enhanced by the framework of the wooden railings. Peter

Andrea Salini
I rally like it, good composition, great colors, beautiful sky, the idea to include the body is good. Only 2 issue: the bottle and (IMO) there is a strange effect created by the orizont and the fence, I mean probably with 1 of these horizontal and not sloping could be better....

Francesco Martini
another fantastic image on the beach!!!!

Omer Dundar
fabolous fabolous

Norman Perkel
Very nice shot. I like the person to the right huxtaposed to the backdrop of the beautiful sky.. very well thought out. Your images are a lesson in the original.

eric t.
I live at the beach...work in an office...this makes me watch the clock! Is it time for that sunset??? Superb work!

Michele Berti
Another winner!

John Peri
Yes, a very clever shot. I really enjoyed looking at it. Well done.

David Bohn
Bravo This shot has everything! I could stare at it all day and not get tired of it. Good work

Michael Kelliher
If I was there for that sunset I would have wanted to take that pic but I never would have thought to include the leg, which truely makes the photo. I would have made it plain but now it is an awesome photo. 7/7

Jana Vanourkova
original, cheers Jana

Brad Kim
Extraordinary image with excellent composition!

anmol sharma


Sushaya Siriwardana


Sushaya Siriwardana


Foureyes .
write your name in the sky I'll write your name in the sky,.... Set it flying so high,..... Let the wind blow it my way,..............the lyrics of a song I like !

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