"What a Smoke"

by Tsoi Wilson

what a smoke seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 20th of July 2004 02:49:36 AM


Howard Dion
Wilson: Well done. Especially like the Sepia toning.

Robert Holmes
Great. Sharp..Nice touch of colour on the cigarette...Carefully cropped.....Great portrait..

Gaetan Chevalier
Creative portrait, well done.

Bobby Tan
Nice tight crop and good expression on the man's face. I love the light on the cigarette! The bright area on the top right is a bit of a distraction though - you may want to soften that, so the viewer's eyes do not get drawn into that area.

Kurt Yang
love the expression. Very nicely done work.

Alec Ee
Very nice crop Wilson. The Sepia tone and little orange glow from the cigarette work well here.

Salih G├╝ler
wilson... very nice portrait, cong.

Craig Ferguson
A really good portrait of simple village life. The sepia toning fits so well with the orange and white of the cigarette. Many people would probably use b&w instead of sepia on this kind of photo - kudos to you for doing something different and making a stronger image because of it. Great shot.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Really nice shot. Love the sepia tone and detail in his face. Nicely composed. More good work. The "smoke" looks more like a stick match to me than a cigarette.

domenico maria giffone
Great Wilson! I'm very admired

Sarah Underhill
This photo catches my eye! Great portrait and the crop is very effective.

Kim Slonaker
Great portrait. Everything works to draw your eyes straight in to first the cigarette, then the face.

Tuhin Saha
An EXCELLENT portrait by you..

Pnina Evental
What a smoke,and what a portrait!! all was said already. Pnina

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone for your feedback. Appreciate it. ^_^

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Shmil. I take it that's a good thing. ^_^

Lila 69
I don,t like smokers but that's... wow great:)

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Lila. Hope so see more of you. ^_^

Tan Jian Xiong
a really effective crop that directs the viewer to the subject.. wonderful composition as well.. once again, exceptional work..

Wilson Tsoi
"What a Smoke," Enjoying a Good One, Critique Please? One of a Sandakan (Borneo) village wisemen enjoying his homemade smoke during a local wedding reception in which practically everyone in the village would normally attend. Music, dancing, food, and mass quantity of homemade wine and liquer were consumed. Thoughts?

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