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by Peri John

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Published: Monday 19th of July 2004 04:43:05 PM


Didi Damian
7/7 Great moment. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Howard Dion
John: For me! I'm honored. You are a true romantic, from the heart. I bet the ladies know that as well. This is a great series. Makes you feel like you were there. Fantasy Rules!

L.R. Jordan
How lucky can you get?! She is stunningly beautiful, and of course, your work is awsome.

Landrum Kelly
John, the 300mm hit me in the face, too, though not quite as hard as the images. Great work. It looks like you are breaking new ground. I actually think I like some of the other photos here in the series better than the one that you posted as the main image.

Lucas Jarvis
The Blur I like what you've done with the blur, but I can see sharp lines where the blur starts and ends. I'm thinking a gradual transition might have worked better. Beautiful indeed though.

Azriel Abramovich
Get her to Model NOW Simply superb! I would say speachless but I am never in loss for words so: As everyone I thing that the image is great in DOF, scene and balance. I will give you 7/7 even though you were shy (???). DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN ;-)

Richard Eijkenbroek
Excellent.. I like the blurring (or is it truely DOF??) which makes her stand out perfectly. I kinda get slow motion feelings with these images. You would have gotten 7/7 if you'd make a talk with her and asked het to model for you. (9/9 probably if you'd asked her out for dinner ;)

Rogerio Lemos
Bluring the background was a great idea IMHO, make us look to the subject immediately. Best regards

John Peri
As she began to turn,

Jim Hayes
Ahhh These are the kind of sights that return us to our youth everyday. A vision that whispers in our ear, and a smile that lingers in our mind. Nice series John. Thanks.

Marion Geralds
John, how sweet. I promise you a tear came to my eyes!

John Peri
I took a couple more pictures of her ....

John Peri
.. and then her eyes met mine .. and she smiled .. but I was shy and I put my camera down ... that smile will remain frozen forever in my mind ... will I ever see her again ... who knows, maybe she wonders too ?

John Peri
Well, now you know why I started to take the photos ..... before she even turned around! It was perfection standing in a crowd of 150 people. Sure I blurred the pictures, but my mind had already done it on it's own. Did you see those smiling eyes ........... she knew instinctively what I felt .. !

Axel Cordes
Cool story Photography is much much more than pressing the button... and I realy like this story! Hope for you to meet her again! Cheers Axel PS And the images are very well done - as usual... Just saw 300mm, realy? you have a stady hand also, Congrats!

John Peri
Todd, I can't hand over pictures of this person. I don't know her. In principle, I never post pictures without permission, but this is a crowd scene ... so it's borderline ok in my view. Anyway, haven't you understood yet ... she's only a dream ..... I'm not sure she is really on the negative anyway! Try shutting your eyes tight .. you may find her too ! ...Jos thanks. We all need to dream sometimes ...

Conrad Seto
Congrats! You have finally shown your talents, and courage, to show the world your ability to "see" beauty and charm, multi-dimensionally, and fabulously.

David McCracken
OK! I was wrong! John, I have nothing against sand.... but high heels I am only just over 1 metre tall! (3ft for our non metric friends!) Seriously! At first it looked like sand! Having said that, I wasn't really looking at the ground much!

Venicia L

You are shy taking photographs of women? How surprising after all your work on display. I would think you would have lined her up for your next photo shoot! You are destroying my confidence in you. Get out there right away and find her!

And I can guarantee you, she knew exactly what she was doing wearing that dress to a wedding! Please find out where she got it. I must have one!


Salon Marchete
John, you amazingly captured your true moment and the essence of HER. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment you've encountered. The photographs explained every detail to its very last moment ....beautifully.

Juan Pascual Garrido
congratulations! 100% glamour and perfection

John Peri
Fully agree with the mishandling of the blurring Luc. It was discussed at length above. I am now learning how to cope with that. Thank you. John

Jonathon Wilson - Sydney Australia
One of the best request for photo critiques I've ever seen on here. Do you always walk around with an F90 and 300mm?

John Peri
Hy Lannie, ok, but I had to put them in sequence and show what struck me first of all ...! As for the 300 mm lens, it's a Nikon zoom actually which has an excellent resolution. The only problem with it is that when it reaches 30 degrees C outside, the lens swells and blocks, and the automatic zoom and focus no longer work! I've sent it twice for repairs, but nothing changes. Yes, the photos were hand held (with elbow in the stomach). The hand was steady, though the knees were a little wobbly! Thanks for your comment.

John Peri
I am shy. When a beautiful girl smiles in my direction, the whole world collapses around me !

Jos Van Poederooyen
Extraordinary. The woman, the crowd, you seeing her and most of all your presentation and description of your emotions in the thread which follows. Fabulous bit of mind candy. The essence of art is the emotion it evokes, I think. So, very, very well done! You certainly captivated me.

John Peri
Mike, this was a Mediterranean country. Everyone was dressed in white. Lucas, thanks. I would love to learn how to do the "gradual transition" that you mention? Can anyone post this to me. I would be so grateful.

Don Marks
She's gorgous.You didn't happen to get any of her out of her clothes,did you? :^}

Samuel Ritter
Blurring... Hi John, Been a fan of yours for some time now... Great Work! Since you asked about the blurring... The best way(no loss, no info change, can adjust later) to do it follows: ( I'm writing this from memory) In Photoshop, duplicate your layer. On the new layer select the area that you want to be sharp. On the select menu, choose Inverse. Click on the Mask icon at the bottom of the layer pallette. This will mask the area that you want to have sharp. You want to click on your mask so that you are working on the mask( should be automatic on creating the mask). Now: Filter->Blur->Gausian Blur and adjust settings to your liking. You can always go back and add more mask( painting black ) or take masking away( painting white /erasing black) Have fun with it.

John Peri
Thanks Venicia. I have so much too learn about PS, but I'm slowly making progress. Again many thanks for your trouble.

John Peri
Samuel, thank you so much. I'll try it as soon as possible. David, what's the matter with you! Look at the original picture ... it's a terrace with paving - large flat stones - not sand. And what do you have against sand anyway :-)

John Peri
Actually, very frequently in summer time, yes! And it's a zoom 300 once again ...

Tan Nguyen
Great shot Great shot and story behind it.

jm v
I get the feeling! thanks for sharing ;-)

Erik Adams
Yes, I would admit - a beautiful moment, and a beautiful woman.

Francesco Martini
very godd this shot!!!!!

Erik Adams
Well, I'm going to break away from the crowd and say that this photo doesn't have the appeal that most of your other photos do, and it's not because she's wearing clothes, either! The frame is tilted, the subject centered. The composition itself doesn't lead you to her. She's beautiful, yes, but that doesn't make it a good photograph.

Els Wetting
I won't give a comment which can help you, but I am sure I have never seen such a beautifull figure ( and I mean her backside) how is that possible. I for sure will go to Paris, and I want to "show" this also Els

Venicia L

It's easy to avoid a sharp demarcation between the sharp part of the image and the blurring. In Photoshop there are always several ways to do just about anything.

1. Use a soft edged brush to apply blurring where you want it, carefully "sneaking up" to the untouched part of the image.

2. Make a selection loosely with the lasso tool around the part to be left sharp. Feather the selection. The feather radius depends on the size of the image. 3-5 pixels is good for a Web image of 800 x 600 pixels. More for larger images. Invert the selection and apply Gaussiam blur (the amount again depends on the size of the image.

These edits are "destructive" in that they change the actual pixels of the image. So always work on a copy of the image. You can make them non-destructive by adding an adjustment layer.


Howard Dion
John, keep comming back to look the series. Can you find out who she is? My bet is she would appreciate seeing the images and the comments. The whole thing is haunting. HJD

Tawhid Uddin
A romantic sonnet made by couple of pictures. You are a fortunate man John, though you have an instinct to pick those nice moments. Thanks for sharing us. Looking for more ...

Luc Lodder
The girl is beatifull, however i don't like the blurring/face dof. Cause it is so clearly fake. It isn't correctly done in PhotoShop. First try to analyze how the DOF would appear, then create it that way. DOF appears from front to back, not sideways.

Ian Travell
Amazing Lady! Sorry to get distracted from the photo itself but the lady is stunning! A classy lady without a doubt!

John Peri
Sure, ok Erik ... a beautiful moment though, no! ... Pedro, Salon, thanks to you too ....

Todd Lehman
John, this sequence is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. Did you stop dead in your tracks when you first spotted her? Camera was all set to go? I walk around with a 70-200mm IS a lot but I can definitely see the advantage of 300mm here for candid street photography. :) Any chance you might share these same photos in slightly higher resolution? (LOL, or sell prints? I'm serious.) Were there others which didn't make the cut here in this sequence but which the rest of us might really be dying to enjoy and learn from? In any case, thanks so much. You've put a smile on my face today.

John Peri
Chee, these are the young ladies that you and I cross every day in the street before they then move on to criss-cross our minds for ever more ... somewhere along in the space/time curve that follows, you have to stop them as they go about their daily business and tell them how much you need to photograph them ... how it is the only thing remaining that has any meaning in your life ... of course you have to mean it too or she rightly won't believe you ... that is the only way to do it .. !!

Salih Güler
6/6 very nice john... cong.

Kaur Lass
Well I did not mean to write anything as what can be said about perfect composition full of beauty? ... and jet I have to say I love this picture and the series and the story. Stroy of life is the one that unfolds slowly but if you look close enough into your soul, you find that you are not alone or separate. You are one. United be something bigger then us. United by love and as simple thing as smile. Once again I have to say - I love your work. Thanks. And have fun while discovering the mysteries of life.

Marta Eva LLamera
Excellent work! Good eye and well done. I prefer better number one, glamour and aestetic perfect. Composition, moment, color tones, definition, LIGHT... all is Well captured. Congratulations. Cheers John!

Giuseppe Di Fazio
Great! nice shape, nice girl, beautiful photo...and thanks for sharing the sequence with make me dreamin' ;o)

steven o.e
shy..... Hello John I did only think it was mee that got shy when i saw a fine looking lady and couldnt take here photo. I didnt think that the master of all could do it too... These picturs you have taken is after my taste the best ever the light and ????? every thing. If you ever come to denmark give mee a mail and i give coffe or a beer for some learning words and a hand shake. :-) steven

Rafael Ramirez Lee
Pure Poetry a real beauty

John Peri
Seduita et abondonata No way to find her again Howard .. I hope that she would have enjoyed this though .. it's really meant as a poem to all the beautiful women on this earth whose path we cross for a fleeting moment in our lives - never to meet again - and there is no woman anywhere that some of us will not find beautiful. I dedicated this series to you, because I know from the content of your frequent comments that you understand that.

Rogerio Lemos
I read the comments above and I play a bit with the photo. Since the photo is yours, I would like to know what do you think about the change... Best regards

J. R.

Dave Scott
I know you were asking John and not myself, but personally I think it makes it look fake. I think she looks like she's floating when you look at her feet. Maybe if it wasn't so dark.

Chee C
John, I have been browsing through your picture folders for a while now and I'm very very very jealous. Where did you find all these attractive women? Chee

Alton Earle
John, the blurring is perfect...a great shot.

Jim Hayes
Dunno, but she is welcome to "FLOAT" in front of my lens anytime.

John Peri
I am in a cybercafe while on vacation and the picture will not open, I will answer this when I get back home.

John Peri
Correction Jay - the bad PS work is typical of me !! That being said, I did it in a hurry and undoubtedly it is worse than usual. I'm back from vacation next week. Met some extraordinary young ladies this summer. They just seem to get more beautiful and charismatic every day, which in a sense is very frustrating. As the Rolling Stones once said .. you just can't get no satisfaction .... Once they have seen their photos, I will ask if I can post some ...

Jay Dixon
Beautiful no doubt. The ps work on the Ace 1 is a bit dodgy mate.... Very unlike you. The lower right section shows the strongest. I know you wanted to isolate her, but I bet she stands out all by herself. Wow. Hope all is well. J.

Robert Marleau
An mazing one my preference goes to the last one we see in the critiques the one a little bit blurred. Wow!

Michael Hansen
Speechless John, this is absolutely the most heart-stopping series of photos I'[ve seen on While the photos are technically solid(and I like the way you PS'd the originals) is the captions and THAT WOMAN that make this so fantastic. You know it works when I'm feeling the same things you're writing and I wasn't even there! Thanks for wharing...this one is special.

John Peri
How nicely put. Thank you. It was just an opportunity seized .. possibly with a little pre-emption. I still see her when I close my eyes!

Johannes Felten
7/7 Excellent lighting and good composition. The fact that you don't see her face sustains a certain level of mystery.

Frunze Verdi
Romantic Visions of Youth John, I anderstend your feelings. Please do not look for her. Let this wonderful dream stay in your heart and soul for ever .........=>>>>>> Best wishes and thanks for sharing. Shmil

Vasilis Apostolopoulos
I am in love, and I just saw the pictures ..... :-)

Bjarke Strøm
So John was your name..... Thanks for the many beautyful words, John you are welcome any time, I have moved to Northern Italy now, but please DO come around, anytime.... Just kidding, true art, couldn?t help it.... Reminds me of an friend who fell in love with an girl in a train, all he knew was that she lived in Oslo, Norway, so he went and spend a week in the main station, and all of a sudden she was there, but he was paralysed completely, be ready if you go.... -Sorry if I wasn?t funny, couldn?t help it, I MUST try to control myselve....

John Peri
This one is for Howard DION While going for a walk at sundown last week, I came across a wedding party .. where I suddenly saw this exquisite scene ......

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