Fitness queen # 6

by Amelkovich Igor

fitness queen nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 18th of July 2004 02:20:20 PM


Penelope Tooz
The awful monster. Bur as photographer you are very good. 6x6-because you have frightened me :)

anne knes
Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!! ______7/7.

Megan Di Tizio
Great pose, great lighting.

Aivars B.
Bravo !!!  �蠰࡮�� ꠪ ⱥ㤠 - ﰥ⮱�� !!!

Chris Womack
Fabulous Body !!! Fantastic physique, yet "Sexy"

Eugeny Kozhevnikov
Kruta! a sosok gubami vitianut' ? :)))))

Penelope Tooz
The awful monster

John Keiffer
I'd like to comment that your specific attention to the lighting of the fingernails is pretty well done, and something you obviously thought out. I know its not by chance. Therefore, I think that you meant her nails look like claws. I think that you have succeded, and that this shot is more complex than people may first notice. Good job.

mondiani .
This picture is close to perfection. Reminds me mappelthorpe's lady lisa lyon... but as a man I found she went too far


Mondiani party event photographer

When you have the genetic make-up to be beautiful...Why would you want to look like a man?

Terry Butler
I agree with M.G. Technically the picture is great but she looks about as sexy as a fence post.

_ Cálico - NY, NY
M.G. & Terry Butler... Too bad that you can't appreciate exquisite physical fitness... there's where beauty lies, and how about athletic females that move in total grace (ever hear of "beauty in motion"?)??? Don't knock it unless you've tried it! Have you an idea how terrible it is for a gorgeous woman to move clumsily or for a woman to jiggle all over while in a very brief swim suit? I'll give you a hint: it ain't "sexy"!!! (PS: I'm a former Swimming, Gymnastics and Martial Arts Instructor)

perfectly captured

I am all for flat sexy abs, but.......I could do without man hands and huge biceps

Paul Palliz
Beautiful Beautifully taken & as for the model well that is called "dedicated perfection" We're all looking for something different when we shoot - well here it is & BRAVO Igor !

Igor Amelkovich
Fitness queen # 6 Next.

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