"Under a Tree"

by Tsoi Wilson

under a tree seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 18th of July 2004 08:57:01 AM


Kim Slonaker
Without the silouette, this would be just an average picture, something I've seen many times before. With the silouette, this is elevated to a whole other level. The slightly bent posture of the man evokes a sad feeling for me, like he is dejected and old, has given up on life, and isn't appreciating the beauty around him. Of course, this could be a 25 year old with a hangover - who knows?? Sometimes not knowing is better so we can put our own "story" to the image. Nice work, Wilson!

Amar Khoday
Wilson, some beautiful imagery and colours. Very peaceful.

Dilip Kumar Singha
Excellant shot, Wilson. Though the name is given "Under a tree" but I view this as the man's patient waiting for the raising sun. What was the exposure time? Can the framing of this picture be eleminated to spread the feeling of dawn outside the confinement? Great shot!

Henri Manguy
Excellent shot.

Andrea Endisch
a nice one! What I like best is the hill-line at the bottom it gives depth to the photo.

Alec Ee
One of the nicest silhouette I've ever seen. Well done Wilson. Mmmmmmm, Did I mentioned great twilight too? 7/6

Pnina Evental
Very nice Wilson, beautiful silouette composition, and merging colors. Pnina

Ken Beilman
Wilson Very nice mood, lines, compsition and color. Some more great work.

Bobby Tan
Very nice two-dimensional shot. Color is terrific and the silhouette subject is perfectly framed. I agree with Amitai that it may look stronger if you clip the top just a little. 6/7.

Howard Dion
This is another one of those amazing shots of yours. I notice that you shoot from a low position that seems to add intensity to an already intense image. HJD (MGG)

Amitai Schwartz
Wow! Might be even better if it were cropped a little more off the top of the tree to give more emphasis to the figure against the sun , which is by far the most attractive part of this image, but that's just my opinion.

Jim Swenson
Great silhouette, good composition, excellent colors, superb shot.

Salih G├╝ler
7/6 very nice wilson...cong.

Roberto P
Great composition and colors you have here. Congrats!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you for all your valuable comments. I did considered the cropped suggestion, but felt the tree branches look kind of funny. Anyways, I might try that out in future. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Under a Tree," Would Like Your Thoughts... Would appreciate your feedback, thanks.

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