by Soini Hannu

untitled seeking critique soini hannu

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 17th of July 2004 11:09:22 PM


Hannu Soini
thank You Your comment could open wide discussion..:) However, all depends of your personal approach to the topic.. I go for the angles to reveal the beauty of it and that combines to the message I want to put forward- the most important thing is not photographer, Nature is..

Lucy Hollis
Admittedly this is an effective photograph, but so often I find myself thinking, regarding photos of turned away flowers, that it was done simply to try to find something 'original', when the truth is there is a reason why certain angles are taken so much - because they honestly do show the flower in the most asthetically pleasing way. In this case, while the backview is obscured quite a bit by its bud casing, one feeling associated with it is perhaps shyness, or in effect saying that it praises the sun to such an extent that is is more important than the photographer!

Hannu Soini
Violet structure in light inspection Violet structure in in available nature light. Comments and feedback are wellcomed.

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