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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Terry Ward
And having good fun with PS. Wish the whole tree was there. But, we can't have everything. Good job. T

S p i n
I was looking at the entire folder...hmm :)....very imaginative work....those photos look just stunning together... a "wow" for the folder as a whole...

Michele Berti
This is great David. I really like yuor results here.

Bryan Travis
Nice almost logoish effect to the picture. I'm guessing color selection, or some sort of difference filter? A bit of an artifact line is noticable on the trunk. It wouldn't hurt it too much to smooth it out a bit.

Louis McCullagh - Belfast
Rarely would I think "That I would frame and hang on my wall" Congratulations, keep up the fun. Louis

David Rabinowitz
thanks everyone for your kind words. the image was created via several steps including the use of photoshops magic wand to select darker parts of the tree and background. this allowed for contrasted effect. i not skilled enough yet with photoshop to rid the faint white lines you'll see around the tree trunk during the selection process. i've practiced with the feather command, but will need some solid advice in the future. thanks again! David

Miguel Ramos
very cool.

Tuhin Saha
David, great image..

Sergei Sogokon
Really very original! Regards Sergei

Nicolaj Holm
Beautiful Lighting. It makes the tree glow

Suman L
Excellent shot. The backlight pops up the whole subject.

David Rabinowitz
please critique having some fun with photoshop...

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