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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 16th of July 2004 06:56:49 AM


David McCracken
She could...... John, She could ask her partner to change names! Regards Philippe

John Orban
Gee, that's an odd place for a naval. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist).

Jim Hayes
Alas, it is fate that I submitted a lighthouse shot for critque today. kismet literally.

Els Wetting
She has to look for a partner with the same name, that's my solution, or she has to say she was making an advertisement for philips and the person who made this was just confused with S E, my initionals btw

Alexander Rainchik
This is how I picture France :) This is exactly my mental image of France :) I don't know why...

Philippe Gasser

Michele Perone
Great John!

Tony Rowlett
this is tops. RIGHT ON !!!!

Venicia L
Very nice, John.

But this young lady is going to seriously regret later that she has done this. Everyone knows . . . it should have been a butterfly!


Thomas Collins
At least it doesn't read "Popeye". This is an excellent shot John! Quite on the artistic side. Well done!

bob barnes
parting comment... This picture may not have constructive comments posted, but i think most of his pictures do. Futhermore i think you will find Mr. Peri has a large group of admirers -- that is my observation (from reading comments). I think this particular shot is pretty cute. With the cropping and the angle and the pose -- this work looks outstanding to me. Regarding your terms sexist and exploitative -- have you read Mr. Peri's bio? I am convinced all the modeling is voluntary. In fact it appears he must be highly regarded by his subjects. Regarding your right to express your opinion, see if this sounds familiar: heckle -- To try to embarrass and annoy (someone speaking or performing in public) by questions, gibes, or objections; badger.

Ken Williams ...
Whoops ! Philippe pops up ..... (-; If things don't work out you just buy a boat - of any size - and name it - WhatElse ? Thinking I might crop the left side - square maybe - the breasts keep drawing my eye - as they always do - away from what seems to be the vocal point - the anchor and its location. (-;

John Peri
Thanks Ken. If I find the original, I'll post it here later. I started out with a larger picture (right up to the shoulders I think), and kind of reached this end point after trying several crops. Frankly, I always like to draw away the eye just a little form the main focal area, whatever it be. Maybe it's a form of discretion, though I don't want to be hypocriticial about this.

Ken Williams ...
Lol ...... understood - if it is your intention then you succeeded - cool ! Guess I confirmed that you succeeded with your intention - cool again.

John Peri
... I guess it's not seen very much in public though ....

Tony Marable
excellent nude composition

Andrea Salini
Really original!

Venicia L

Differences in opinions are what critiquing is all about. Some can see a silk purse, while others see nothing but a sow's ear.

But I think you have unfortunately mistakenly judged one of the most honest bodies of work on the site. John's contributions are a breath of fresh air here. The technical quality may vary a bit, but the energy and good humor are priceless.


Hilary Allen
back to the picture at hand.. John, i think you have taken a close up shot of something that could turn out not so attractive and made it very abstract and beautiful. I don't see AN ass and all that jazz...i see the fantastic shape that is laid out before me. Thanks, and good job as always. (I would love to hear some of your opinions on some of my latest work since it is in your territory, i'm sure your critiques would be very helpful!!)

Venicia L

You are way, way off base. A critique is not criticism in the form of an essay. Despite any such definition you may have found. It is most certainly meant to be constructive. If there is something wrong with my image, I want to hear about it. Not as a put-down, but as an aid to correcting the mistake with suggestions of how to do it better.

And if you are getting objections to your opinions, that is exactly what this process is about. Others are entitled to their opinions as well as you. No one is preventing you from writing anything. If they were, that would be censoship. Their objections are anything but censorship.

Johannes Felten
7/7 Excellent.

John Peri
Thank you Joe. It's not important, since the model is not recognisable. But when people ask me why I post my work so small, that's the reason!

Joe Baker
John i saw this shot on another web site with someone else is name on it, i thought it was one of yours. the web site was about tattos, but i can,t think of the name of the site, it was part of a blog. sorry i don,t have more info for you, but i thought you should know someone else is stealing your work and takeing credit for it. i,am near sixty years old,my memory ain,t what it use to be, so all i could handle was a fine butt with a tat, and not the web site were i saw it. Joe B.

John Peri
Philippe ! Admittedly, I don't know what on earth the young lady is going to do if she ever decides to change her partner in life !

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