"Attack of the Giant Bubbles"

by Tsoi Wilson

attack of the giant bubbles seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 13th of July 2004 09:21:50 PM


Pnina Evental
A beauty ! Pnina

Cristina Fumi
beautiful shot!

Arief Budidarma
Beautiful nice sunset...

Kim Slonaker
I thought at first you added the bubbles in PS and I was wondering "why??". Interesting that they were real and that you have captured them in an interesting perspective that makes them appear very large.

Howard Dion
Another sunset master piece. The bubbles, or what ever they are, are very interesting. Can you explain them?

Michele Berti
Another great and beautiful add to the your own serie!

Nuno Silva
Congratulations Fantastic shot, congratulations.

Zack Mensinger
Wow, simply wow. Are the bubbles jellyfish by chance? Or just actual bubbles?

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback so far, folks. Those are actual bubbles on the water surface. It was a rather large tidal pool with water rundown from small creek, at Picnic Point beach. Water has been kind of stagnant for a period of time of the day, combining with hot weather, out came these bubbles (kind of yucky actually!) The bubbles appear larger than life mainly because I held the camera with its bottom touching the water.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Boy did you ever reap a tremendous harvest of great photos from that outing!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback. I'm especially glad that we're able to learn and inspire from each other, what this site should really be all about, Amen! (BTW, it WAS disgusting!)

Wilson Tsoi
"Attack of Giant Bubbles," Critique Anyone? Monsterous bubbles attacking at dusk. Feedback is appreciated, thanks.

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