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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Saturday 10th of July 2004 01:50:10 PM


Howard Dion
John: I agree with what you say about your work. You are right. Your natural approach verses the posed studio model. Now that I think about it, I can tell a John Peri from others no matter what folder you park an image. I guess my struggle is my struggle in trying to identify my style. How would one know the image is made by me instead of one of a hundred other photographers?

Ufuk Ozkan
Very nice.

Amar Khoday
Sometimes the low key shots really stand out, like this one. I have to say this is one of my favs of your work.

Owen O'Meara
John: Beautiful low key image. Reminds me of the work in Paolo Roversi's "Nudi." Well done. -Owen

John Peri
Thanks. WIndow lighting.

Howard Dion
John: From an artistic point of view, this is one of your better images. Not saying the others are bad. I have been thinking about this for weeks. Your subject matter is clear but your style changes. My subject matter keeps changing and I have not found my style. What are your thoughts?

John Peri
Howard, you don't do credit to yourself. I have been through your portfolio again and there is of course a style and consistency throughout all your photos, every one of them. In my case, you may find this a little less obvious at times, because I try different approaches at different times, and particularly towards different subject matters. However, the way in which I view my models and they view me doesn't change at all. Since what I am after is largely to capture what is natural and spontaneous in my models, my "glamour" work consists very largely in a technique of point and shoot. It is the only way I know of doing it without disturbing them in any major way. How can any girl dance or smile, or even take a shower realistically, with strobe lights staring at her in the face? Then there are the "nudes in black and white". You may consider that some of these are more carefully thought out and composed than in the first group. Finally, there are the "figure studies" which are yet again another category with a different, possibly more personal approach. In many of these, I have cut the limbs, which is an unusual and, I would add, often unpopular approach. In all these pictures, I don't really feel that it is the "style" that differs, so much as the approach to the category of subject matter, which is partly why I have separated my pictures into diffferent folders. You may consider that within each group, the overall style is really quite similar. At any rate, my underlying motive always remains the same, which is to try and capture some of the harmony, beauty, mystery and grace of the female form in any way that she will reveal it to us - which is usually just a fraction at a time!

Timo Hartikainen
Wow..this is very beautiful image. I like this simple background...hmm..let's see, there is also a beautiful woman :)

Chris Kuettner
Nicely done John. The contrast between her hair(above) and fur(below) adds a texture that nicely offsets the simple background and low-key lighting. How was your lighting set up for this shot??

Adrian Maniutiu
Very classic, tasteful and elegant.cheers.

Els Wetting
John Peri Harmony, beauty, mystery and grace of the female, you say it and you show it wonderfull Els

Mike Averdal
Nature at it's best - captured in perfect harmony. Thanks - to you John - and your model.

John Peri
Low key study Just her ...

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