"Sci-Fi City"

by Tsoi Wilson

sci fi city seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 10th of July 2004 03:51:45 AM


Pnina Evental
Wilson, great angle, and sky, "planted" or not, the result is " talking". Pnina

Kim Slonaker
Very dramatic. I like this a lot.

Pawel Stradowski
Very nice Very interesting and perfect;y done. Really good job! Cheers

Foureyes .
7/7 Woooow,.....very nice manip !!!!!!....this is ringin' my bell. pushing my buttons,....and blowing my skirt up,.....all the way up !!!

Sarah Underhill
You did a great job on this. Very dramatic....

Howard Dion
Wowwwwww! Looks like spaceship coming out of hyper drive above the space port control tower. You have some imagination.

Marc Aubry
Great composition.

Steven Thompson
Its a great one! Fantastic colors and lighting. Very nice work!

Ken Beilman
Wilson You're gonna have to work on your creative skills. Just another scene from every day life. Just kidding! Really nice creation. I like it a lot.

Guido Fulgenzi
Great work!

Erin Boyd
Nice composite, strong colours and excellent perspective

Dave K
Spectacular Image.. I like it!!! Very Well Done.

Nestor Botta
ok, so it's a composite and you're saying that clearly. As you're talking about a sci-fi one, it works well, specially for the two (or more?) sun system, dued to the light coming from the top right corner for the niddle with colder color, and the second sun on the background, more reddish. It's obvious that gives more dramatism to the scene. If that was intended or not, it works for me.

David McCracken
Wouldn't have guessed! I wouldn't have guessed this was one of yours Wilson! I like it but I prefer your more classic pictures!

Eric Sorensen
I swear it looks like you added that sky to the shot. Very nice perspective and good detail. My guess is you used a Canon 10D and a 17-40L. But I still can't get over that sky - it just looks added in. but that would be way too much work to do that (between the railings and all). This one facinates me to no end...

Amar Khoday
Even if added in, I can deal with it. Good work Wilson.

Eric Sorensen
Now that I see the details, I was right and wrong!

nick kessler
awesome. i am curious to what manipulation you did.

Jason Lawrence
Interesting viewpoint.

Maria Conversano
Strong, powerfull colors. Great effect! Extraordinary light!

Walter Tatulinski
Most assuredly, it works for me. Very Sci-Fi! Nice and neat PS work. Regards.

Michele Berti
THat's a great photo. LIke this so much. Well done!

Gaetan Chevalier
Very interesting composition. Nice perspective.

Nabil Majid
Creative. I like the angle and lines.. Regards.

Wilson Tsoi
Hi, thank you all so far for commenting (especially 4E,*@!) I do want to point out that this indeed is a composite based on one of my previous Space Needle images. I just felt like doing some PS stuff lately, some thing that really doesn't exist on this planet (I guess you've got to have 2 suns in reality for this to really exist!) Nestor, your observation is correct. Eric, 1 out of 2 is not bad. David, me too, but am in experimental mood. Nick, all it is was just dropping out sky and putting another layer in. I'll get back to doing the "normal stuff" in a bit here. ^_^

Derek Laird
Wilson, i like it! strangely reminds me of the sci-fi comics i read as a kid though... regards

Roberto P
Very nice work Wilson! The composition is great and the mood is the right one!

Mustafa Gunduz SOYUSATICI
Excellent comp and colours

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your kind feedback ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
This is awesome, too!! You managed to get a super-original shot of an overly photographed subject. Great work!!

Wilson Tsoi
"Sci-Fi City," revisiting the Space Needle...Critique? "Sci-Fi City," a tribute to Paul Allen's new SFM (Sci-Fi Museum) in Seattle. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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