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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 9th of July 2004 04:48:51 PM


Jim Hayes
John The confusing thing to me is that according to some, I keep breaking the rules of what is considered art. Or that because a certain person did things one way, that is the standard. I know how hard you work on trying to capture that special moment between beauty, reality, and relaxation. Yet still ascribe to the "rules". The popularity of your work here speaks for itself, whether from those of us that enjoy your subject matter to those of us wishing to learn. I submit that you have the right, to write, your own rules. At least as long as you keep on posting, lol.

John Peri
Hy Jim. Frankly, what I work the hardest at is instinct. I very rarely go after anything specific. I let the model loose and follow her around with a camera. I agree that rules are often boring. In this particular case, I would not have expected a central position to work best, but having tried some others, I think it does. Maybe it is because of the presence of a reflection which competes more with the subject if she is placed to one side.

John Peri
Fireplace I tried framing the picture so as to place the figure other than in the centre, but strangely, this is what seems to work the best ...

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