Thatched cottage, Selworthy

by Spracklen Chris

thatched cottage selworthy seeking critique spracklen chris

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Published: Wednesday 7th of July 2004 09:57:24 PM


Walter Schroeder
I wonder if I might like it better if the yellow would be a bit less intense. I suppose it should contrast the mellow mood but the front of the house might look better in a tone similar to the yellow on the side? I apreciate the framing.

Jyh Ren Lim
Aim and shoot? Pardon me for saying something negative, cos this looks like you simply pointed the camera at the house and pressed the button. Its a mediocre shot that looks better with the framing. Just my 2 cents. No offence meant! :)

Aivar Mikko
Simple but very nice.

Chris Spracklen
Thanks... ...for the comment, Jyh! I asked for them! My question would be, what you have done differently? I look forward to hearing your suggestion. Thanks again.

Rajeev Thomas
Pure English!! Really nice..thank you for sharing!! I love the light and greatly exposed!

Dmitri Zakovorotny
What a pretty look!

Didi Damian
Another good one Chris.

Sarah Underhill

Colin Carron
I agree with Sarah again! I like the enormous great chimneys on some of these old cottages. Probably from the days when having a chimney was really rather special and a bit of a status symbol as opposed to just having a hole in the roof!

Chris Spracklen
Thatched cottage, Selworthy Please feel free to rate and/or comment. Thanks!

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